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The paper "Critical Success Factors for Health Planning" is an outstanding example of management coursework.   Health planning is important for the delivery of quality health outcomes to the population. However, healthcare planning is a challenging undertaking considering that planning occurs in an environment characterized by politics, diverse opinions and different stakeholder expectations, as well as media scrutiny. Therefore, to have an effective health planning, certain critical success factors must be incorporated in health planning. The critical success factors for health planning as highlighted in the report include coming up with the right question, selecting the process that is relevant to the issue, stakeholder engagement, effective project management, ensuring ethics in planning, access and use of relevant information, and commitment to monitoring and evaluation.

Health planning, however, can be a strategic or operational nature. The report has shown that strategic and operational planning is related and shares a lot in common though they differ in the sense that strategic planning involves the setting priorities, directing resources and energy, improving operations and ensuring that employees and stakeholders are working towards the achievement of common goals, operational planning is the plan for implementing strategies spelled out in the strategic plan. Introduction Health planning is a critical undertaking in health care institutions.

Health planning entails the activities that are undertaken in health care facilities for purposes of improving the efficiency of service delivery and the quality of health outcomes (Ginter et al. 2002, p. 12). Health planning is a challenging task as it occurs within an environment that is characterized by politics, different stakeholder expectations and in most cases under media scrutiny. Therefore, healthcare providers must ensure that health planning is well-designed so as to ensure that the external pressures are accommodated and to ensure the provision of quality healthcare services to the population (Butler et al.

1996, p. 137). The objective of this report is twofold. The first part of the report will describe the critical success factors in the health planning process.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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