Essays on Role of Organizational Culture in Change Management Literature review

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The paper "Role of Organizational Culture in Change Management " is an outstanding example of a management literature review.   Organizational culture has been identified as an influential phenomenon that affects the success or failure of any organizational change efforts. Numerous studies that have been conducted on organizational culture often assess the role of this aspect in the development of any organization. These studies have revealed that culture is a versatile concept that is characterized by a plethora of controversies in both definition and application. Despite the usefulness of culture in organizations, organizational culture has a strong effect on organizational management which is a consequence of the nature and content of the culture that is adopted.

The main objective of this paper is to conduct a critical analysis of the role of organizational culture in change management. This will be through a review of different scholarly articles that focus on different aspects of organizational culture that influence the management of change. The role of organizational culture in change management According to Oliver Lang in the article Organizational Culture and Organizational Change, organizational culture is an important component in rating organizational performance.

This type of culture can be said to be a system of shared values and norms including assumptions that provide guidance to the behavior and attitudes of members in an attempted to influence their perceptions and reactions to the environment (Lang 2013, p. 4). This culture plays a role in influencing the decisions made by the leaders and the behavior of employees. It is also important in explaining the happenings in an organization. Just as an organizational structure is perceived as an organization’ s skeleton, organizational culture can be understood as the personality of the organization since it influences the behavior of employees (Lang 2013, p.

4). For the management to initiate any form of change in the operations of the organization there is a need for an understanding of how the proposed change will influence employee behavior and the repercussions it would have on the popular culture (Lang 2013, p. 14). While affirming the assertions of Lang concerning the essence of organizational culture in understanding and managing change, Banish and Nawaz (2003, p.

10) in their article The Role of Culture in Organizational Change view organizational culture as an important instrument in reviewing strategies that are customer-oriented. Many organizations work in line with certain cultures that have revealed success in the delivery of different products and services to their clients. The need to initiate change in an organization revolves around the fact that there is a need for a more solution-oriented strategy to improve the sales and quality of goods and services that are provided (Banish & Nawaz, 2003, p. 13).


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