Essays on Management Of Change (Competitive Action Plan) Report Assignment

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Tasks. Select an organisation where a significant change process is required to build resilience in the current environmental conditions then produce a report with your rationale on the change process itself and the exposition on the “organisational readiness” to deal with the current environmental conditions and finally Submit your Report addressed to the Board of Directors (Senior Management Team) of your selected organisation. Fabulous Scandinavian Furniture: A Proposition to Incorporate E-Business in its Current Marketing and Selling ApproachRationale for the selection of the scenario for change management processFabulous Scandinavian Furniture (FSF) is a recognized and very promising company.

It has been supplying home wares, furniture and other related products to four major European countries (such as Norway, Finland, Sweden and Holland) and to customers in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. The board directors of the company have noted that the staffs (particularly those in the human resource, marketing and sales department) are finding it hard to reach the target customers considering the location of the company versus the location of the customers. Time difference and communication barrier add burden to the current company set up.

Lastly, workers have shown some tendencies of work burnt out as they feel that they are doing the same tasks that they have been doing from the very beginning. In short, workers feel that they are not ‘growing’ or being up-to-date in terms of globalization is concerned. One of the board members suggested the idea of going online. With the advent of today’s technology, the use of Internet is becoming more of an income-generator than just a lifestyle. This is the very reason why the so-called “E-business” is growing remarkably.

Electronic business (e-business) is defined as the business which is conducted through the Internet. It involves not only the buying and selling of certain products but also servicing the customers and collaborating with various business partners. (Alexandrou, 2002 para. 1). IBM is one of the internationally known companies who has mastered the use of this method and has found it to be very effective. From online marketing and promoting of the products (thereby gaining access to a wider array of customers), to selling (which also involves invoicing), that are all plays a significant part of the e-business processes prove that e-business is indeed becoming a trend nowadays making all transactions available on-line. Going online seems a very promising idea.

This may answer the company’s problem in terms of location, time difference and communication barriers when addressing international customers. This will also address the growing concern of the workers in their desire to ‘grow’ and develop and be up-to-date with today’s business trends. However, there are a number of issues that still need to be taken care of.

These include: The advantages and disadvantages of going into e-businessThe best possible online selling and invoicing system that the company can adoptThe security and credibility issues that the company must addressCurrent thinking in Change Management Processes and PracticesThe accelerating pace of change in globalization, communications, disruptive technologies, capital flows and alliances have created fundamental shifts in business operations and in leading a group (Hughes, 2004).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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