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Management of Change ReportTerms of ReferenceThe report has been requested by the directors of the company All Season’s Food Ltd. With the introduction of modern methods of marketing and innovations in the management and HR processes there has been an increasing commodification of brands thereby making competition fiercer and tougher and thus harder to beat. The best and probably the safest manner of retaining and expanding customer relationships and customer loyalties depends on the ability of a venture to deliver a customer experience that is tailored to changing customer needs and values and consistent with the brand promise (Accenture, 2008).

It is doubly important now more than ever, in a time of economic uncertainty—with customer trust eroding and purchase behaviors growing harder to predict— the ability of companies and brands to build and retain customers through adding customer value to products is of incredible importance. The following report seeks to outline a management and operations change plan to ensure that All Seasons Food can bring into place a strategy of marketing that is removed from traditional approaches bring this strategy in line with HR and operational changes within the company.

This will ensure customer retention through the process of customer value creation. The idea is to bring about a process of significant change in order to build business resilience despite the current environmental and economic conditions thereby making the business come out stronger. The Company-IntroductionAll Season’s Food was set up about 15 years ago and pioneers food items such as ready to eat (RTEs) products, organic products and herbal products. The label All Seasons means that there is the launch of new products every month and the pricing of the products are in line with the quality of the products launched.

The products are produced in a factory near Luton and sold through tow exclusive showrooms located in oxford Street and Kingston. The company is owned by James, the managing Director. The operations are run by Tomazo with Debbie and Uma being in-charge of the two shops. Drivers for ChangeThe company is a local brand and therefore needs to cash in o the name that the brand has gathered for it self in the past 15 years, which would allow it to cut down on normal marketing spends.

This would mean that there has to be the recognition of the source of the majority of the revenuer earners. It would be interesting in this context to first do a PEST analysis of the situation at hand. If we were to analyze the Political, Economic, Scientific and technological aspects in which the company has to function we would be able to arrive at the steps that can be taken further to deal with the problem that is at hand.

PEST ANALYSIS-Table 1.1Political situationThe political situation is such that it requires the politicians na dthe local contractors to be on the defence while extending open support to local businesses are concerned. Economic situationEconomic and Credit Crisis that requires banks to put restrictions on the credit facilities. This means that there has to be extreme caution with which the available resources need to be dealt with. It also has to be assured that there is the maximum utilization of every one of the available resources.

Scientific SituationAnalysis of the existing methodologies that are used for the research of new products that are launched. Technological SituationTechnology would include the methods that are used in the marketing strategies, it would also include the processes that are included in the process of production. Environmental Analysis. .ContdThere is the need on part of the company to identify problems and then streamline changes in order to bring them up to the point where they can foresee future problems and develop strategies to deal with the same. The problems that have been defined here as simple: Overheads costs are huge thereby limiting the budget that is available for the marketing process there is thus a requirement to bring in innovative methods of operational change.

The core strategy identified is customer creation and retention through the process of creation of customer value (Futoran, Rivera and Hunt, 1997). The idea is simple.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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