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The paper "Management of Communication " is a perfect example of a management assignment. Distance- this will show whether the communication is intimate or note, you will choose closer distance if communication is intimate and reasonable distance if communication is official. The nature of text message to be chosen will dictate the nature of communication (Neves, Pedro, and Robert E. p34) Time: - Official communication are always done during the official business hours and always carry with it official language in it while on the other hand, non-official language can be done any time Dress code: - Official communication like presentation should always be done when be dressed officially while non-official can be done Q2: Does the communicator have a responsibility to the audience?

Does the audience have a responsibility to the speaker? Provide justification Yes, both communicator and the audience have a responsibility to each other. Always communication is two- way- traffic where there are a listener and a speaker, any form of distraction among the two party’ s results to noise and effective communication only takes place if the two parties listen to each other. Q3: From your own Viewpoint, how do you think thought influences the use of Language?

Provide evidence to support your view? Thought influences perception of an individual and when the mind is preoccupied with earlier thoughts, it means there will be bias selection on what an individual wants to listen to and as a result, the mind might give it different interpretation resulting to distortion of information. Information is only effective if the intended message from the speaker is interpreted by the receiver without distorting its meaning. It is also very useful if the receiver does not have prejudgment on the speaker normally brought distortion in the interpretation of the message.

For instance, if in your thoughts you think an individual thief and he turns out to be a preacher, the initial thoughts will always make you think that a person is pretending (Neves, Pedro, and Robert E. p114). Q4: How does language affect self-concept? Explore and research your answers finding examples that can serve as case studies The language impairment or barrier may influence how an individual express himself or herself in terms of explaining a given concept.

With poor explanation on a concept, self-concept is interfered with. The self-concept also determined the speaker understanding of the concept to be communicated, with the proper self-concept, explaining it to the audience will be much simpler than the concept which the speaker does not understand. When we communicate, we are full of expectations, doubts, fears, and hopes. Where we place emphasis, what we focus on, and how we view our potential has a direct impact on our communication interactions Q5: News article BBC: News 27 June 2016: Brexit: Germany rules out informal negotiations From the headlines, using five principles of writing skills, Clarity: The heading is clear and captures readers attention making it a good writing Easy to read: The article has only covered major aspects of the topic written in simple English hence meets the quality of easy reading. Catches readers attention: Like in the article, the reader wishes to know what is happening or the Germany position on Brexit Meets readers’ expectation: The article actually stipulate the German position on the issue and it states that there will be no casual discussion on it but everything must be treated with seriousness and official.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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