Essays on Management Communication and Employee Performance Assignment

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The paper "Management Communication and Employee Performance" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. B1: Visit a major news Web site and view a video of a commentator such as Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann (MSNBC) or Glenn Beck or Bill O’ Reilly (Fox News). The discussion of Bill O’ Reilly in Fox News in May. 25, 2016 - 6:39 discussing 2016 presidential election outcome. The video shows a clear articulation on issues on who Glenn Beck will vote for and how this will influence the presidential outcome. I would use the same approach in informing people from my point of view concerning a particular issue. B2: What is the difference between an informative presentation and a persuasive one?

Provide an example in your response. An informative presentation one simply conveys information he or she has accurately while in persuasive presentation, one seeks to influence how the audience thinks, feels, or make a decision. Secondly informative presentation one simply presents one side of an issue while persuasive presentation one needs to discuss the two sides’ issues. Lastly, in an informative presentation one needs not to call the audience to action while in persuasive presentation, one needs to do so.

For example: Informative main point: - “ Some college students enjoy living on campus because of the convenience. ” Persuasive point of view: - “ Living on campus is more enjoyable than living off-campus because of the convenience it offers. ” B3:  Compare and contrast two television programs, noting how each communicates the meaning via visual communication rather than words or dialogue. The two programs under analysis here is from Fox News TV channels. The programs are: - Red-eye by Tom Shillue and Special Report by Bret Baier Both programs use much of visual expression in explaining scenarios in their presentation.

Special report behaves as if they are presenting news to the viewers is trying to convince the viewers to buy their opinion on a particular issue. Though it is an informative presentation the visual expression being used portrays the presentation as persuasive (Neves, Pedro & Robert p 448). For the red-eye, that guy has the comedic timing of whooping cough. Which is a way of presenting the information? The smile is very attractive and friendly to the viewer.

This is a good way of presenting the information. B4: Search online for an informative speech or presentation that applies to business or industry. Indicate one part or aspect of the presentation that you thought was effective and one you would improve. Provide a link to the presentation in your entry. (www. yastrow. com/speaking) The informative speech is by Steve Yastrow on an interactive workshop where he gives a speech on. “ Do your customers believe in you? ” The topic of the speech is very effective, short, and catches the eyes. All business depends on customers for their success and all would wish to hear that their customers believe in them.

The speech discusses extensively major issues on the relationship between customers and marketing individuals, the speech fails to link the product and the customer and other external factors that influence the business-customer relationship. This is the main area which I would fix in the speech by bringing all these factors (Neves, Pedro & Robert p 978)


Neves, Pedro, and Robert Eisenberger. "Management communication and employee performance: The contribution of perceived organizational support." Human Performance 25.5 (2012): 452-1002
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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