Essays on Management of Marketing Channels - Detergent Straight Company Case Study

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The paper "Management of Marketing Channels - Detergent Straight Company " is a great example of a marketing case study. Detergent Straight Company is a start-up company in the cleaning and detergents industry in the Australian market. In this regard, the venture has invested much of its start-up capital in the acquisition of modern detergent manufacturing plants and types of equipment. Moreover, it has additionally invested in the recruitment and hiring of experts in the detergents industry as a means of developing a strong market base for its proposed straight up cleaning detergent.

The company products include powder detergents, liquid detergents as well as spray cleaning agent among other expected cleaning aids in the future, based on the market reception, acceptance rates and penetration in both the domestic Australian market and the foreign market as well. A current detergents industry evaluation in the Australian market establishes that the industry is currently at its growth stage. In this case, the analysis reveals that the number of the existing detergents and cleaning aids suppliers available in the market cannot fully meet the rising demand for the cleaning agents especially for industrial use, rather than the traditional household uses.

Therefore, this supply shortage in the industry, and he growing industrial base, has attracted a wide range of investors into the industry, among them the Detergent Straight Company. Therefore, this presents a growing industry scenario in which it is expected that the company, with proper strategies and operational practices, will earn high market profits. As such, an evaluation of the organizational competencies as compared to the industry situation establishes two key competencies. On one hand, the organization has developed a qualified and experienced HR base.

As such, unlike peers in the industry who rely on inexperienced employees, the venture has a sustainable competitive edge on its workforce quality, a starting point likely to offer it a front edge in the market. Similarly, the organization has highly invested in the acquisition of modern technology production equipment. As such, the equipment used will allow for reduced environmental pollution reduce the cost of production and thus attract the consumer base s well as the general public, a move likely to increase the organizational market goodwill in the medium run period.

In order to increase its efficiency, this essay develops an analysis of a relevant zero-based channel design that will increase the produced goods flow, while reducing the operational costs. As such, the essay evaluates the target market characteristics and their demand-side concerns for consideration, similar to the supply side issue of concern and consideration in developing the design. Moreover, the essay evaluates channel gaps and possible conflicts likely to emerge. Finally, based on a comprehensive of all the listed factors, the essay concludes with recommendations for the relevant target markets, the channel design and ways of resolving the gaps. 2.0 Demand Side Considerations Based on an evaluation of the detergent industry consumer base, it is evident from the background analysis that the key target markets under the industry are the industrial and households markets respectively.

As such, this essay section will evaluate the consideration issues on the demand side based on the unique requirements and features of each of the target market segments in the detergents and cleaning agents industry.

In this case, this essay section evaluates the factors that the organization will need to consider to ensure that the adopted supply channel design meets the needs and wants of the various market segments.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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