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AbstractThe Greenland medical facility constitutes one of the well-known facilities in the country. It is made up of over 300 workers and more than 1000 outpatient and inpatient who utilize the services of the facility. This has lead to stress of medical resources. Construction of the new offices to accommodate those departments that initially used to share offices has been an important step as far as meeting this requirement is concerned. This has led to the reduction of the cases of congestion, which had initially hampered the service deliverance.

Additionally, it has encouraged the efficient and effective deliverance of services. However, the current information from the workplace health and safety department has that the new offices does not offer an environment fit for offering medical services. The place is actually situated few meters from the road-railway terminus and hence the frequent noises from the vehicles and/ or train have been a main detractor to the workers working in those offices. The new offices accommodate 60 workers and unknown number of patients who visits the facility. As per the national guidelines, any medical facility should be serene environment so as the patients as well as the workers of such facility gets conducive environment.

These guidelines help in facilitating efficient deliverance of services. Contrary to these guidelines, the workplace health and safety department has realized that the location of the new offices does not offer such a serene environment for the patient as well as the workers. Noise pollution is thus a challenge that should be addressed by the management. Addressing this issue may be difficult if it is done without conducting the risk management system. IntroductionDifferent issues in an organization are normally solved using different mechanisms.

Workplace hazards constitute some of the common organizational hazards. Risk management mechanism is one of the common ways of handling those issues related to workplace hazards (Ridley & Channing 2008, p. 65). In the past three months, complaints from the medical staff of Greenland medical facility about headaches and poor concentration have raised concern especially to the department concerned with occupational hazards. It is believed that the cause of headaches and poor concentration might be due to noise pollution.

This has prompted to the development of appropriate ways through which noise pollution hazard can be assessed and development of appropriate measures can be established. This work therefore meant to design a risk management system that could be used to manage the issue identified above. Various aspects shall form the basis of designing the risk management system. Topping up the list is the aspect of proper identification of the hazard involved. The actual hazard(s) involve shall be identified using appropriate hazard identification methods (Ridley & Channing 2008, p. 75).

This step is important, as it will form the basis on which other steps shall be centered. It also reduces the issue of addressing wrong issues. It should be noted that headaches and lack of concentration might be due to other hazards apart from noises. Another aspect would constitute assessing the risk from the hazard. This step would then followed by decision of the appropriate measure to be taken. Upon the decision of the measure, the system would find out the efficient way of implementing the measures arrived upon and finally the monitoring plan, which shall review the effectiveness of the new control measures, shall be established (Bos & Farr 1993, p. 49).

Resolving this matter would thus entails the following steps

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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