Essays on Management People and Organization Case Study

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The paper "Management People and Organization " Is a great example of a Management Case Study. Proctor and Gamble have a rich history having been established more than 170 years ago by William Proctor and James Gamble in Ohio, USA. The initial business majored on the candle and soap production from fat left over’ s of swine. In a span of 20 years after inception the company was ranked high in Cincinnati as its sales turn over was over $ 1 million. Today, Proctor and Gamble are leading in the manufacture and distribution of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

At the strategic level, the company president has given a robust visionary and strategic plan to develop profitability, organizational culture, and employee management. Worldwide the company is taking the lead in the manufacture of consumer products (Kathie Cooper). Tide, Pringles, Fusion, Gillette, Gahanna and Dolce are some of the P& G brands. The company has an outlet in 80 countries of the word. It has over 300 brands which are marketed in more than 160 countries. Proctor and Gamble have been the leader worldwide in the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of some superior fabrics and some home care, snacks and many more products.

Its product has touched the lives of many people around the globe. The company’ s slogan is on touching lives and improving life. In 2011,, the company's total revenue stood at US$ 82.56 billion while its net income stood at US$ 11.797. Globally it has an employee workforce of more than 127,000, and a larger population of loyal customers. Strategic development Worldwide P& G is the giant provider of packaged consumer goods.

Its foundation dates back to 100 years ago and it has embraced a stagey of acquisition and technical innovation to consolidate its wide list of brands in the global market. Currently, it has reached over 180 Nations with diversified groups of products from batteries to laundry detergent. The company pride of 25 brands which are able to generate revenue of $ 1 billion or more. The strategic development of P& G can further be explained through a sword analysis; sword analysis has kept the company high always. This has been its tool of analyzing its strength, weakness, threats, and potential opportunities.

A SWOT analysis normally aids in gaining an insight into the company’ s future, and it also assists in weighting between goals and objectives to venture into in the business industry. Strengths It has a strong collection of worldwide known brands Financial muscle and strength to acquire and be able to invest in long-term corporate changes. ( It has a strong asset base) Global distribution network and channels Outstanding and historical success of R& D Its product is perceived to be non-cyclical for example toothpaste and hence they have to be consumed irrespective of the economic situation. Its sales growth has been stable and predictable, and it is targeted to be high diversifications Weakness Dependence on a collection of specific brands for a material share of the company first line Tough competition in all the sectors it has ventured into Its products are almost found in each Conner of the world, and as such, there’ s not much room left for expansion rather than reliance on the growing population.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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