Essays on Management Phase 2 Individual Project Case Study

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Letter to New Hires of Collins Pine Company One emerging literature & possibly the most dominant objective of every surviving entity of the world is the want for being "Evergreen". Welcome to the Collins Pine Company where you will discover the depths of & experience the phenomenon of being evergreen. If culture was to speak, it would have pronounced it "Welcome to the family" – as you are a no less than a family member to us. Sustainability, Resource Management, Prudence & Social & Environmental Responsibility – is what you will be identified with & will be delivering in the years to come with this company.

A Short Recapitulation of the Company Profile Over the years of its existence, the company has not only survived but also managed to have its name amongst the most acknowledged & esteemed in the business. The company has been serving the community for over 150 years now, finding its root way back in 1855 when Truman D. Collins laid foundation of his visionary forestry. Since its inception, the companys practices have been renowned for their uniqueness, objectivity, standard & performance.

As a part of the company, you will cherish the "Chins up" feeling for being affiliated to an organization whose management practices have been admired & acknowledged by the society at large & by the business community in particular. Our Underlying Philosophy, Culture & Values At the Collins Companies, we believe that third party, independent certification of our forestland is the best way to protect the legacy of the total forest ecosystem now and into the future. To achieve this, we have had to listen, learn, and change.

We have. We also believe that integrating the principles of The Natural Step into our business operations will result in a sustainable society. Once more, it means we have had to listen, to learn, to change. And, again, we have. In some ways change is simple, in some ways its complex. But if your principles demand that you work to create a healthy, viable Earth, in addition to a healthy, viable business, then you must risk change. You must be change. ("Our philosophy & core values") The company has a strong culture widely defining what & how things are valued.

And its all through a natural process having a clear chain of transfer. The Collins Family culture has its reach right to the top core slots of the management & it flows to every single employee, who feels like a part of the family, through socialization & commitment. You are looking ahead towards a long relationship with the company. As the history exhibits, our employee turnover is one of the lowest in the industry. W. Mosby – our Vice President for Marketing – noted that the average years of service for Collins employees is about 22 or 23 years ("Mavericks in a herd business").

This alone is sufficient enough to explain our employees motivation & drive. Being a part of the family, you will experience the truest sense of sharing ideas & communicating goals. Our employees are our ambassadors who not only communicate freely within the company but they educate distinct community groups having concerns and issues related to cutting down trees. (Hansen & Punches 6-4) At Collins Pine Company, its all about doing great for the community as a whole, where woods are cut not to clear the earth for short term purposes but to replenish & revive it in the long run, as it is evident that "the focus is on what is left, not what is taken".

Just as Mosby stated, "We take the worst and leave the best". ("Mavericks in a herd business). There is a famous saying about us, "At Collins Pine, if you dont care about Mother Earth, you dont fit in". At Collins Pine, we have norms to put community as our priority in literally everything we do.

Second, we believe in working as a team. Each & every one of us is important to the other. Our employees devotion makes it italicized through work performance & care. Works Cited Hansen, Eric, & John Punches. The case study on Collins Pine: Lessons from a pioneer. Oregon State University, 1998. "Mavericks in a herd business". collinswood. com. 06 June 2007 "The Collins Companies: philosophy & core values. " collinswood. com. 06 June 2007

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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