Essays on Constraints in Conducting an Online Business Coursework

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The paper “ Constraints in Conducting an Online Business” is an informative example of coursework on e-commerce. The shopping web solution, the business aims at expanding its products and service provisions by initiating related projects that will link up with a web business. These projects include physical delivery of products and services whereby the customers can be able to place orders online by login into the website, thereafter, the web solution will deliver the service or the products offered. Another project is that of ensuring a twenty-four-hour service to the customers, in Australia, there are many customers who are absorbed into internet shopping, they, therefore, demand a customer service that lasts for twenty-four hours, this is a strategy that will ensure full satisfaction of the customers.

A website will be created by the company whereby it will be equipped with full information about the intention of the company; this will enable the customers to log in to the website and take full information. The integration of technology in business is a great achievement because it enables multiple operations to take place in the business.

For the case of shopping combined web solutions, it provides quite a range of services to the customers at a glance. Customers are able to get all the shopping solutions via the internet and this covers global customers. These related projects of ensuring customer service access and delivery of products and services will be an advantage to the company because they will be able to serve more customers. Shopping web solution, therefore, contributes towards embracing technology globally and it also saves time and money for traveling while looking for shopping. ConstraintsEvery business whether high profit makes or low profit-making must experience some constraints in one way or the other.

Online businesses are always subjected to so many constraints which creates a challenge to the shopping web solutions. One of the most considered constraints is how to manage resources. This has been a challenge to the business because they are not able to develop the best and appropriate strategy for managing their resources. The aspect of managing resources comes as a fact that many businesses are not able to have a system that maintains the flow of cash in finance operations.

In the case of online business, it is difficult to manage cash flow because the business deals with operations globally and, therefore, it is difficult to have an appropriate financial management tool. Competition is also another constraint in conducting online business; you find that shopping web solution has been under stiff competition from other related businesses. Since many customers prefer shopping online, they need to be treated in an extraordinary manner so that they will keep on coming back to their service providers.

Competition results in low prices of goods and customers will tend to taste products and services from other businesses because they offer the same prices. Therefore, it has been a constraint to the shopping web solution in trying to maintain their customers by winning their loyalty and providing quality products. This has forced the business to keep up with quality products such as fresh groceries which will enable customers to come for more.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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