Essays on Good Management, Firms Culture and the Companies Strategies Assignment

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The paper "Good Management, Firms’ Culture and the Companies’ Strategies" is a perfect example of a management assignment. The paper delves on good management, firms’ culture as well as the companies’ strategies. Good Managers are the managers who manage the emotional part of the workers in a firm. This is because the workers’ emotions influence industrial and organizational psychology. The managers should create a conducive working climate by maintaining personal respect to the workers in the organization so that they feel part of the company ad that they are considered when decisions are made.

The workers should feel ‘ at home’ through good managers, in the work-place for efficient delivery of required services in the firm. In a firm with a good management system, the workers should feel that they belong to the organization set-up. Task 1 Management is the process in which a person in a leadership position exerts influence on others through motivating and inspiring and directing their activities so as to achieve the organizational goals. An organization is a formally organized set up that is made up of the employees and the employers brought up together with the aim of working towards achieving a given objective. Management is the most valuable resource in a visionary company.

According to the populous McGregor’ s theories of work motivation, he says that workers are viewed as fundamentally lazy who must be forced to work and need to be regularly motivated by reward and also be warned through punishments. He also suggests that work in most cases is intrinsically motivating. However, there is another theory that advocates servant leadership which is seemingly better than the former method. It is argued that this type of management is the best as the managers know how the company is run from the primary point.

These types of managers have a close follow up of the employees’ problems and their requirements. This is the best management style. Financial remuneration is not the only thing for workers. They require having a good working environment, and there is a need for a positive workplace in order to recruit and maintain well-talented workers. To ensure the above is achieved, managers should embrace these characteristics: Good managers should have the right attitude of humility and selflessness.

They should not be proud and self-seeking since this could lead to the workers/subordinates feeling unwanted and being used in the firm. A good manager is the strong point of the firm. Great managers should treat their subordinates and other workers with open-mindedness, respect and not practising some management practices that are out of date and exploitative and unfriendly to the sub-ordinates. The managers should practice in a decent manner in the working environment to prove they have the ability to lead where the subordinates should view them as the role models in the workplace and custodians of proper working ethics.

They should in no way allow the employees and their subordinates to pinpoint the loop-poles in their behavior. They should avoid situations of any type of competition with their subordinates since the latter may feel threatened. They should encourage team-work where they should work hand in hand with their subordinates to ensure the success of the organization. In the team-work, they encourage the subordinates by valuing individual decision-making and freedom of expression (Chang 2006).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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