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The paper “ A Three-Day Music Festival Plan”   is an exciting example of a case study on the management. Most events in contemporary society such as music festivals need a prior plan to have things move as planned and work as per the available resources (Waterman 2008). Therefore, as a project manager for the coming three-day music festival, I will need to construct a plan that will comprise the resourcing plan, risk management plan, and a leadership plan. The plan will be essential in budgeting within the available resources and foreseeing the whole event for the scheduled three days.

A good event program is useful in ensuring that necessary measures are put in place to limit any inadequacy during an event (Morgan 2008). Therefore, as a project manager, it will of good for the whole event for me to involve a good event plan that will ensure that every bit of the festival goes as planned. This article seeks to provide an outline of an event plan for the three-day music festival that will be held on the Australia weekend 2016.

The main objectives will be to develop a resourcing plan that will allow us budget as per the available resources to make sure that the stakeholders through the management avail all the useful resources before the start of the event (Yeoman 2004). Another plan that will be beneficial for the success of our event will be a risk management plan that will seek to foresee and prevent any risk that would be associated with the music festival. Finally, as a manager who will be coordinating the whole event, I will also need a leadership plan that will be a guideline on how I will conduct my duties to ensure that no sector remains unattended. A Resourcing PlanResource planning is the most crucial thing in an event to ensure that the whole event is successful and that would mean that every resource would be budgeted for in advance (Getz 2010).

Getz (2010) holds that a good plan will include a timetable of the resources that will be required and what will need to do at each given time of the event. Therefore, I will develop a calendar that will be indicating all the crucial elements of the event which will include fundraisings, the booking of the artists that will perform at the festival.

Developing a good plan will be critical to ensuring the success of the whole event as the information that will be written in this document will be walking our team through the three days of the event and will also be used as a checklist (Getz, Andersson & Carlsen 2010). I will ensure that I consult with the available authorities and seek the permission to conduct the music festival within the Australia Day Weekend 2016.Event Details: When it comes to the details of the event, the music festival that has always been organized in Australia have been having crowds that range between 8,000 – 12,000 people.

Being that the number has been significant, we will need a thorough plan to ensure that all the visitors do not get inconvenienced in any way. The music festival will start on a Monday where there will have three of our artists perform.

We will hire a public address system and tents from the local church where we always get one on a Sunday before the date of the festival. We have budgeted for a maximum of 14,000 visitors as we expect that this year’ s event will be a massive one that is likely to have the largest crowd ever. The first artist that will be expected on stage will be Usher who will perform as from 0800hrs to 1030hrs together with a group of young talented youths around the local community and then there will a tea break.

The second artist on stage will be Rihanna who will on as from 1200hrs to 1400hrs and she has promised that she will donate some music instruments to the local youths who are aspiring to be musicians. In the afternoon hours of Monday, there will be a competition between the local communities’ artists who will be competing for the awards. The final artist of the day is expected to perform at night between 2000hrs to 2200hrs and he will be non-other than Jey Zees who has already his attendance through a phone call to the organizing committee.

The next two days will also follow a similar protocol and in the long run, all the nine artists that we have planned to hire will have performed together with the local upcoming artists. We have confirmed that there will no other events that will clash with our music event. It is important for us to provide the details of the events setups and the dismantling period together with the actual timings of the event to assist in scheduling the work during the whole festival (Laing & Frost 2010).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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