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The paper "Management Report - Myer Company Limited" is a great example of a management case study. Myer Holding Limited is an Australian based departmental store group that is involved in selling diverse products across Australia. The company has established a good network of stores with a total of 66 stores across the country. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the company's performance and operation strategies with intention of advising the company's CEO on the best strategies to employ to improve the company's competitive advantage in the market. To achieve this, the paper conducts the company's SWOT analysis where the company's strength, weakness, opportunities and threats are analyzed one at a time.

In this case, the paper evaluates aspects that assist the company to retain a higher competitive advantage, those that make the company be unable to offer the most excellent services or products, the aspects the company has to improve on and the problems it is likely to encounter in doing so. The paper also conducts five-portal analysis to establish the company's competitiveness in the market. This established the company's threat from new entries, suppliers and buyer's bargain, chances for the company's products substitution and the company's rivalry from the existing companies in the industry.

The paper then gives a conclusion and a recommendation. SWOT Analysis A SWOT analysis is designed planning techniques employed to evaluate the threats, opportunities, weaknesses and strength of an organization. This section will conduct a SWOT analysis for Myer to assist in understanding the company's chances of remaining competitive advantage. Strength Myer departmental store group contains a network of 66 stores around Australia. This ensures that the company is accessible to all customers through its stores in any parts of Australia.

This increases the company's reliability and customer's satisfaction. The company also sells diverse appeal products focusing on all genders and age. This diversity ensures that the company increases its market shares in Australia. Diversity in each category of each product ensures that the company caters for all individuals with different tastes. The company has also established an e-commerce system that allows the sale of its products beyond Australia. Thus, the company provides customer-based services. Moreover, the company sells diverse products including beauty products, electrical products and phones accessories.

This ensures that the company can sell to diverse products. The diverse brands are normally provided in affordable prices an aspect that provides a number of choices to the consumer. Another company's strength is the presence of strong company's reputation and brand name in Australia. This increases the customers' trust regarding the company's products (InvesrSmart, 2015). Weaknesses The company's major weakness is that it is limited to the Australian population. Although the company has taken an initiative of developing an e-commerce system which gives them the ability to operate globally, the company is still regionalized.

This is because they can only ship their products within Australia and thus, limiting their market shares and dominance within the region. The company also contains poorly developed or undeveloped channels of distribution that only serves in a number of places in Australia. Mostly the company only serves regions where their departmental stores are located and their surroundings. Moreover, its retail area prices are rising and it still contains inadequate utilization of showroom area (Parsons, 2015).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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