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The paper "The Management of Myer Company" is a great example of a management case study.   Its pleasure in forwarding this report on the management of Myer Company. Myer Company is implementing a number of strategies to help it achieve its set objectives. SWOT and Michael porter's competitive 5 forces analysis the strengths, weakness and opportunities and threats by Myer Company. . According to SWOT analysis, Myer Company has a strength of implementing the strategy of an Omni-channel, a new plan on adding exactly 15 new stores in a duration of five years as from the year 2009.

The other strengths Myer Company has is, carrying out its business online. This helps it reach many clients globally. The other strengths of this company according to SWOT analysis is that in terms of finance the company is making a significant profit each year. . Myer company several weaknesses according to the SWOT analysis. One of the weakness is that the company fails to leverage the owned channels first, and then paid followed by events. Failing to maintain a strong and flexible balance sheet, is the other weakness Myer Company has from the trend analysis in the previous years by SWOT. For the opportunities and threats, Myer Company can be the best company in the market according to the analysis by both Michael porter's competitive 5 forces and SWOT.

For example, in comparison with some other companies, it has a P/E ratio of 10.33 whereby in the market it is at 16.6. For the P/B ratio, it has a figure of 0.93 while in the market is at exactly 1.31. The company has a P/E growth of 10.00 whereas at the market is at 2.41.

The P/S ratio of the corporation is 0.31, whereby 1.61 is the figure in the market. If this company can exploit this opportunity, it can be the best in terms of making profits. The other opportunity this company has is marketing trends, whereby if it can adopt a marketing strategy like online marketing, it can be able to reach a high number of clients thus making higher profits. I would like to thank Myer Company CEO, Bernie Brookes for giving me an opportunity to work with him on this report.

Any question the company, the CEO may have regarding this report is highly appreciated at the scheduled meeting next time. Michael Porter's Competitive 5 Forces According to Michael porter's competitive 5 forces, Myer Company also has strengths in leadership ability whereby it embraces eight leadership styles based on the theories of Isabel Briggs and C. G.Jung. Michael porter's competitive 5 forces have it that, Myer Company has a weakness of lacking social furculum for their communications strategy whereby it fails to attract many customers as expected The analysis made by Michael porter's competitive 5 forces, shows that Myer Company also has a goal of strengthening its commitment as well as setting their course.

This goal that is under sustainability 2015 goals of this company, it refers to sustainability as conducting their business to assist them to make profits in their business.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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