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Analysis of the Role of Crisis Management Plans within Fire and Rescue ServiceIntroductionBeing a member of a Fire and Rescue Service is one of the noblest jobs one could have. It does not only entails servicing the public in the most unexpected ways, but it also entails going to various places and facing all forms of danger. Members of the fire and rescue service are the first line personnel who attend to fire rescue operations, as well as to various accidents, emergencies and/or other life-threatening situations. Aside from trying to stop the fire and saving the people who may have been trapped inside the fire affected areas, they also try to give the first medical attention even before the patients of the people involved get to the hospital.

With the above stated facts alone, it cannot be denied that human resource management plays a very critical role for the Fire and Rescue Service Department. With human resource’s effective management, hiring of members for fire and rescue service as well as providing the necessary training and mentoring will be done accordingly and will serve as the core basis for the crisis management plan within the Fire and Rescue Service. This paper is aimed at highlighting human resource management’s tasks and approaches to better serve the fire and rescue service department.

Specifically, this paper highlights: The hiring and selection process being followed for fire and rescue serviceThe need for training and mentoring for any selected members of fire and rescue serviceOther factors that may affect human resource management in fire and rescue service (such as finances, organization management, etc. )To Have a Successful Hiring and Selection Process in Fire and Rescue ServiceThe most basic yet tried and tested hiring and selection process that can be followed to ensure that the correct personnel will be hired as a member for fire and rescue service are enumerated below.

First, the human resource management should at least advertise the job opening. The specific position and the requirement they are looking for an applicant must be clearly stated there. This process will enable the company to acquire several people applying for the position. Furthermore, the management should have an application form ready for the applicants to fill up.

This form should be sensitive to the questions that can – and cannot – be asked (Tvrdik, 1998). Secondly, human resource management should screen the applicants based on the specific qualifications and/or requirements listed. This phase of the hiring process becomes easier if the management have been honest and specific in listing the company needs (Tvrdik, 1998). Third is to have an initial interview with the applicants who appear to meet the organization’s needs. This does not need to be a face-to-face interview.

It can often be successfully accomplished over the phone, holding down the organization’s hiring expenses. The key here is good questions. Then follow it up with a face-to-face interview with candidates who looked good on paper and responded well to the initial telephone interview. It is a good idea to have more than one person involved in the interview process so what one person sees (good or bad) can be discussed if not confirmed by someone else on the hiring team. Again, good questions plus the ability to listen are the keys (Tvrdik, 1998).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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