Essays on Time and Self-Management Literature review

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The paper “ Time and Self-Management ”   is a   fascinating example of literature review on management. The three articles on self-management present the topic in an intriguing way that shows its necessity to plan and effectively achieve life goals and desires. There are many techniques for managing oneself and time. Time and Self-management encompass life from social, emotional, spiritual, and career perspectives. Ultimately, every stage in life requires one to achieve the set goals or objectives. The books touch on the most important approaches in the management of time to be successful in life while counting success on each step.

Much consideration has touched on the overwhelming workload and subsequent inability to manage one's resources. As such, it poses a challenge to the management of life commitments against family life. Time and Self-Management is, therefore, a crucial endeavor that helps one balance all the aspects of life while deeply understanding the behavioral interventions for a healthful success. The methodologies presented are both from a theoretical point of view to practical self-management skills in solving problems and encouraging effective decision-making abilities. These articles confirm the efficiency of self-management initiatives and attempt to point out the possible mechanisms of self-efficacy.

It is interesting that many authors have written on the best methods of saving money as compared to time management. The truth presented by these articles is that one can recover money lost but it is difficult or impossible to recover lost time. In essence, the three papers evaluate the best mechanism of time and self-management presented the problems and best solutions for incorporation in our education, careers, and family life. Understanding and Working with OthersFurthermore, three more articles that touched on the understanding and working with others presented the best methods and advantages in human development.

Human differences have a significant impact on the culture and operation of any company belief, norms, and definition of members. The operation of the organization constitutes of many skills marked by people with different backgrounds.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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