Essays on Transcendental Leadership Versus Management in the Hospitality Industry Assignment

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The paper "Transcendental Leadership Versus Management in the Hospitality Industry" is a perfect example of a Management Assignment. The term management has grown with time and it tends to include both leaders and managers as different traits are being demonstrated by leaders and managers in the work arena. This has coupled the importance of their role as both look to ensure that the work is accomplished in the best possible manner so that the resources are used effectively (Reh, 2010). Despite the growing importance of managers and leaders there is contrasting differences between their working style as managers focuses more of monitoring, directing and refining current performance whereas leaders has been equated with dynamism, vibrancy and charisma.

This paper thereby looks into the manner the different personality and working traits gets influenced by self awareness and the manner self awareness helps both leaders and managers to accomplish their task. Leaders and managers have opposing styles as managers believe in monitoring, directing and refining current performance whereas leaders are equated with dynamism, vibrancy, and charisma which thereby increase the role of both the individual in the organization.

Since, both demonstrate opposing qualities the importance of those qualities magnifies when both leaders and managers are able to use their self-awareness to accomplish the task (Kumle, Kelly & Nancy, 2010). This is because of the fact that self-awareness makes both leaders and managers realize the important areas and having opposing traits ensures that both the individual are able to direct their efforts towards the common goal but in a different way. Self-awareness on the part of managers and leaders helps to accomplish the difficult tasks which otherwise would not have been possible.

Having self-awareness makes them realize the importance of the situation and use different traits to accomplish the work in hand. This is evident in the hotel industry where self-awareness helps to direct the leader to use his influential qualities and ensure that the workforce is directed in such a manner that will be beneficial for the organization and will also ensure maximum efficiency. This has been possible only due to the fact that self-awareness made the leader realize the different qualities that have to be used.

This also substantiates another point that different traits work in different situations and being able to identify those is self-awareness and it helps to ensure maximum efficiency for the organization (Angelo, 2009). A study in a similar direction highlights that managers tend to use their technical skills and are problem solvers, hardworking and looks towards accomplishing the goals in comparison to leaders who are imaginative, risk-takers and brilliant in developing new ideas (Yukl, 2009). Managers and leaders both are able to be successful in their different fields purely because of the fact that they have high self-awareness.

They are able to understand the surrounding environment better and keeping in mind the environment they are able to create a situation where they look for alternatives. Having a presence of mind and being able to feel the changes that will be encountered in the future both managers and leaders are able to use their self imaginative power and develop self-awareness which helps them to deal with different contingencies (Yukl, 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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