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Essays on Leadership as Maintaining a Healthy Working Environment, Good Management Practices, Personal and Interpersonal Skills, and Self-Awareness Case Study

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The paper “ Leadership as Maintaining a Healthy Working Environment, Good Management Practices, Personal and Interpersonal Skills, and Self-Awareness”   is a   provoking example case study on human resources. With her enthusiasm and ‘ can-do’ approach to management, Carlene was appointed as CEO of a Western Sydney subsidiary of large garment manufacturing corporation in July of 2010 despite her short track record and lack of experience in this management role. Although risky, the parent company allowed Carlene to head the subsidiary alone believing that a young and energetic CEO can revive and improve their subsidiary experiencing the impact of the global financial crisis and high Australian dollar rate.

Carlene planned to make significant advances in the subsidiary’ s operation which she felt needs to focus more on performance and profitability. However, the subsidiary’ s Operations Manager who has been with the Western Sydney subsidiary for a long time and performing well with his traditional work practices seems not so good in assignments requiring deviation from established practices of his department. For this reason, he had been allowed to run his own show by the former CEO for as long as the organization’ s targets are met. Six months in her new role as CEO of a ‘ charmed’ and profitable Western Sydney subsidiary, Carlene received an informal report from the HR Manager that their Operations Manager assaulted and verbally abused a young supervisor during a meeting.

Carlene strongly believed that such behavior is inappropriate and requires disciplinary action as specified in the Group’ s policy about bullying and harassment but there was no indication that the affected party will file a formal complaint against the Operation Manager. Moreover, although unhappy with the way things are the majority of employees working in the Operations Department is scared of the Operations Manager and do not have the courage to question his leadership. Since the Operations Department was a key player in Carlene’ s performance indicator, plan for profit-focused change, innovation to increase production, flexible working, and others it was necessary for her to take immediate action to resolve the matter.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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