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A report on Management skillsabstractThis is a report based on my experiences and the learning of acquiring skills to be a good manager. I have done some theoretical analysis and have tried to mingle them up with my experiences. All kinds of comparisons are done to find out how relevant it is to have the theoretical knowledge and practical application. The results are amazing. While doing the paper I have learnt a lot about the skills that needs to be adopted to be a manager. my speculations are both on practical and theoretical groundings. acknowledgementtable of contentsabstract2acknowledgement3i.

part oneintroduction5literary review6Mr. mathew as New Manager9ii. part two1. Reflection142. Self Audit153. Experiences 174. Examples185. conclusion20references22part oneintroductionThe idea of managing a particular company or a particular organisational unit, it is very important to have some adequate and very appropriate skills. In this paper I am going to make an illustration of this particular idea and the levels of acquisition for various management skills. It is here that I have scrutinized many aspects related to the functionality of management skills. The paper has been distributed into two parts.

Part I is all about this introduction and the literary review. This part also provides some examples to make the clarification of all the literary reviews as has been sorted out by me. Part II, on the other hand is absolutely about the independent study of the conceptions as I have gathered in the process of my learning made over the management skills. This particular part is dealing with self analytical practices and aspects. There is the discussion over the reflection as comes in the process of applying certain management skills.

I have also discovered that the acquisitions of management skills are also very important in order to have self analytical preview. This is the reason that I have discussed the matter under self audit. In order to make the paper more pragmatically authentic, I have also discussed all the theoretical references in terms of my experiences and few examples from practical notions. All the skills and practices are being categorised as per their functionalities. These categorisations are the elementary points for the understanding and application of managerial skills.

Matters and skills related to the capacity for organizing, planning, coordinating and leading the company are being the major topics of speculation. The practical usability of all these practices are worth their demonstration and the real application are thus very important to be noticed and followed (Rumizen, M. C. 2001). This paper is thus an elaboration of all the skills that are needed to enhance the position of a manager in the corporate world. This is a paper is that is discussing the efficiency and appropriateness of a manger and his idea of managing the human resources to get the best of the results and to make the company excel in he market.

The dominance of his spirits and the capacity to maintain the same makes his position much stronger and thus makes him the leader. This aspect of being the leader needs more intelligent skills than just the knowledge on theoretical groundings. There are lots of aspects that are put on practical foregrounding to get the best one out.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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