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Executive SummaryConflict is something which arises in every organization. Mostly this conflict is between the management and the employees, such conflicts usually rise due to change. Conflict due to change is something which causes a lot of discomfort for the management. In this paper a detailed analysis is given on this kind of conflict. In this paper Royal mail’s management ability to resolve this kind of conflict is analyzed. Theorists and models of conflict and change management are used to give a better understanding of the conflict management used by them.

Thus this paper provides a complete understanding of the entire conflict management ability of the management of Royal Mail. Management SkillsIntroduction Conflict is something which arises in every organization. Mostly this conflict is between the management and the employees, such conflicts usually rise due to change Royal mail is one such example, royal mail is organization which cares for it’s employees the only very few conflicts take place with their employees. A few years back they had to implement some changes to reduce their losses, they knew that this could cause a lot of conflicts with their employees so the management implemented a conflict management plan.

These strategies are still used in the organization. This paper shall analyze the conflict management strategies used by royal mail. Change is usually the main cause of conflict thus this paper shall analyze how change causes conflict and how royal mail resolves them. AnalysisThe change was needed because the organization could no longer rely on subsidies by the government through the tax payers to cover their losses as they were no longer a nationalized business but a private one with had to fund itself and was expected to produce a profit for its shareholderThe huge losses needed to be addressed before 2006 because at the start of that year the consumer Mail market would no longer be a monopoly and any organization, in theory, would be able to place a post box on the street and handle letters/parcels for distribution.

This meant the organization could potentially no longer rely upon a continuous flow of business. When Royal Mail started the program the first thing they did was to appoint someone to oversee the operations.

Instead of using someone from within, the organization brought in Tony McCarthy. And from then on royal mail revolved their conflicts with their employees Conflict Management Ability of the ManagementThe way in which McCarthy manages the conflicts that take place due to changes are similar to aspects that Kotter & Schlesinger (1979) outlined as there strategies to manage conflict regarding change. These were; - Education and Communication; - Participation and Involvement; - Facilitation and Support; - Negotiation and Agreement; - Manipulation and Co-optation; and- Explicit and Implicit coercionMcCarthy's focus leans towards the positive approaches education, communication, participation, involvement, facilitation and support over the more direct and negative aspect. McCarthy used education and communication as a way to ensure there was not a lack of information concerning the changes that were being made.

The use of seminars to explain the new operations and practices to the HR staff helped McCarthy express to the employee the logic and reasoning behind the changes thus reducing the conflict. Making clear exactly what was happening and changing ensures that unfounded rumours are not spread the increases the level of resistance.

Addressing the way in which people were educated in the changes is one aspect highlighted by the emergent school of though into change management.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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