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The paper "Analysis of Yahoo Incident " is a good example of a business case study.   This essay identifies a major business incident that occurred at least two years ago and provides an analysis of the way the affected company handled the issue using various theories that have been covered in the unit. This essay looked at the historic data breach that was realized at Yahoo where personal information of clients was stolen by hackers and sold them to third parties. Although the hacking had happened in 2014 it was only realized in 2016 July but the company took another two months before letting its customers know about the incident.

How Yahoo handled this incident elicited mixed reactions from people and showed some laxity in the company with regard to securing the client’ s information. This essay reviews events leading to this breach and how the company handled the incidents through various communication channels. Discussion In July 2016 Yahoo! Inc. got a report of an anonymous hacker who claimed to have two-hundred and eighty million user account credentials for sale on the black market. The initial investigation established that there was no evidence to back this claim according to people involved in the investigation (Olenick, 2016).

Such claims were common. Yahoo conducted a thorough investigation, piece by piece and the company came out with evidence of even a bigger breach. Earlier the following week the individual said there was adequate evidence to present to Verizon Communication Inc. , which had agreed to purchase web assets for Yahoo for $4.83 billion on July 25 (Moore, 2016). The person asked for anonymity in order to discuss internal findings.

Yahoo released a statement the following Thursday where it shared the news with its users as well as the entire world. It was revealed that the personal information of at least 500 million users on its accounts from 2014 exposing a broad swath of its roughly one billion users. Yahoo said that the attacker was a state-sponsored actor and the information was stolen included names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, date of births, encrypted passwords as well as encrypted security answers and questions (Thielman, 2016). Passwords were taken in a form that prevented their immediate re-use and the company believed that financial information in the possession of the company remained safe. Yahoo confirmed that a major cyberattack had happened where data from 1 billion user accounts were compromised in 2013 making it the biggest breach in history.

The company disclosed the breach in September after the attack had happened in July. The company claimed that an unauthorized party broker into accounts in the statement that it released within its website (Olenick, 2016). Yahoo claimed that the hacks were connected and somehow ‘ state-sponsored’ .

Yahoo Chief Information security officer said that the hackers ‘ forged cookies’ which refer to bits of code that remain the user’ s browser cache in that a website will not need a login for every visit. The cookies made it possible for an intruder to gain access to the accounts of users without using a password through misidentifying anyone making use of them as the owner of the email account. The chief security officer, Bob Lord, said that the breach is closely related to the theft of property code of Yahoo (Womack, Robertson & Riley, 2016).

The company had suspected the breach in November when law enforcement came to the company with what a third party claimed to be user data and Lord suspected that the data included forged cookies.


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