Essays on Contemporary Management Issues Concerning the Management Practices at the Coles Retail Chain Case Study

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The paper “ Contemporary Management   Issues Concerning the Management Practices at the Coles Retail Chain” is an impressive example of the case study on management. In the contemporary management course this semester I have familiarized myself with many issues affecting organizations the world over. The case study of the Coles revival presents a real-life learning opportunity on how top management can be such a great factor in the success of an organization. This paper will comprehensively relate the concepts in modules one and two of the contemporary management course to the management practices covered by the Coles case study.

These will be discussed under the headlines below. Mobilizing people in organizationsHuman resources have become one of the contributing factors to the success of any performing company. According to Kakabadse, Bank & Vinnicombe (2004), to achieve the goals and targets of a company, the key is in hiring competent and highly motivated staff that you will work with as a manager. It does not end there; the manager is constantly in the business of mobilizing the people in his organization so that they can pursue a common goal with everybody playing their part.

Mobilizing people calls for high skill in understanding why people are willing to do something in with all their hearts in some situations and completely not interested in the company’ s success in other instances. Successful companies will always treat their staff members as team members rather than workers to the company. Diversity in the employees is always a common phenomenon in successful firms as it brings in different perspectives, talents, experiences, and world views of solving some problems through the formulation of effective strategies (Viljoen & Dann, 2003).

Employees are motivated by matching people to jobs, fair remuneration, better working environment, and rewards for their performance, equity in the system, setting realistic goals, training, and development. In relation to the Coles case in matters regarding the mobilization of people in an organization, we can say that the company has really scored high on this. When the general manager Ian McLeod took over the company he brought a wealth of experience with him to Coles. One of his major concerns was the fact that employees were not happy working at Coles.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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