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The paper 'Management Systems in Apple Company" is a good example of a management case study. Management information systems encompass technology, people, and corporate and the relationship existing among them (Chen & Popovich 2003). The information systems are classified on the basis of tasks that they perform for the organization’ s success. Technology enhances quality efficiency and speed in enterprise production. The people include the employees that form the company’ s workforce, ranging from the executive, middle managers, and junior employees. The people employ executive, management, and transaction processing management systems respectively depending on their ranks.

The executive makes future strategic decisions for the company. The middle managers make short-term and medium-term tactical decisions while transaction managers make operational decisions. The junior workers such as shop floor workers and frontline staff operate the trade and processing systems. The transaction processing systems include payroll, processing orders, reservations, stock control, and payments and transfers. They also report summaries and actions on the basis of sales, inventory control, budgeting, reporting, and personnel. The executives use the systems to analyse the current business environment to model and make long-term plans based on trends (McHugh, Humphreys & Mclvor 2003).

This Essay examines the management information systems that Apple Company uses and their implications. Apple Inc Apple platform control aims at improved user experience. Online Apple Customer Care provides integrated expert support. The company sells a number of its products by itself and resells others to third-party Apple can directly sell to consumers and businesses through its retail and online stores. THE external Audit and External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix enhances the strategists to summarize and evaluate economic, socio-cultural, demographic, environmental, legal-political, technological, and competitive information for Apple.

There are three types of information systems that affect Apple Inc in its efforts to execute various strategies (Shapiro & Varian 2013). They include transaction processing, management information systems, and decision support system.


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