Essays on How the Finance Manager of West Farmers Spends His Day, Week, Month Case Study

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The paper 'How the Finance Manager of West Farmers Spends His Day, Week, Month " is a perfect example of a management case study. This report has discussed how the finance manager of West farmers spends his day, week, month, and the year. The methods used to collect data in this report are observation and interview with the manager. According to this report, the roles of the manager in the company include finding sources of income for the organization, does profit planning, advises the company on financial decisions they are ought to take, and finally allocates finance to various departments.

From the data collected from the interview and observation, they can be compared. The manager can be concluded to be a good communicator, he is able to motivate the employees, able to solve conflicts and he is able to develop a good relationship between the employees. On the reflection of the skills that were needed in the interview process include communication skills, language skills, and the ability to draft questions that are simple and clear. Introduction The aim of this paper is to unfold the various functions of managers in an organization.

This report compiles the data collected from West Farmers Company located in Sydney Australia. It is one of the oldest companies in Australia which started as a farmers’ cooperative society. At first, the operations were merchandising wool, distributing oil, and exporting of products such as grain and fruits. Later in the 1950s the company started supplying gas to the people of Australia and up to date operates major depots. The company was first listed on the stock exchange market in the year 1984 and in the same year, the company acquired a firm to manufacture fertilizer.

The company further in the year 1989, it started to practice coal mining and it expanded the coal mining operations in the year 2000 when it acquired the Curragh mine (WestFarmers Company, 2013). The company also engaged in Agricultural activities which expanded in the year 1993 and acquired the Dalgety farmers limited. In the year 2007, the company acquired the Coles group limited which made it expand its business the more.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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