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1.0 Problem statementThere is substantial quest to understand importance of upward communication within an organization. Although, most communicators argue that upward communication is essential, there have not issued significant step in which upward communication can be used to improve organizational performance. The purpose of this study is to develop a substantial methodology that will measure the steps required to maintain an effective system of upward communication within an organization. 2.0 IntroductionUpward communication is considered as the most fundamental step towards organizational l success in performance. This is why today most organizations are investing heavily on building a network both internally and externally to facilitate effective business communication (Broom, 1990).

Efficacy in upward communication ensures that an organization is at its best perspective in marketing itself. This can be achieved through using communication in creating a favorable brand image enhancing communication with both the public and media (MacDonald, 2003). Communication guarantees that management is able to motivate and guide their staffs thus shaping of their organizational culture. With substantial upward effective communication, employees are able to understand and work towards achieving organizational goals, culture, strategies and visions. In the establishment of a firm organizational structure, it is very essential to have a well developed communication channel.

From a managerial level it is important to develop a strong communication hierarchic so as link all staffs in a predesigned communication chain. It is this kind of hierarchical system that an organization is able to focus on its organizational procedures thus imposing strict measures on flow of information from one person to another. Flow of upward effective communication entails the flow of decisions and direction from a higher level (management level) to lower one which comprises of staffs and personnel (MacDonald, 2003).

It is evident that most of experts on leadership, management, organization assert that communication is a stepping stone for effectiveness structural organization. Further, organizations have realized that there is entire need to ensure that information is conveyed effectively so as to maximize on internal and external performance substantially. 2.1 AimsThis study tends to underline the importance of upward communication clearly stating out, the necessary step required by various management team s in ensuring that there is effective communication which results to organizational success (Bargiela-Chiappini, F, 2003).

2.2 ScopeOther than understanding what upward organizational communication entails, the study will widely focus on understanding various steps which are necessary for managers to establish and maintain an effective system of upward communication within an organizations. The study shall involve a broad berth of research so as to ensure that maximum and conclusive findings. 2.3 Method In this study, we will take a critical look at effective organizational upward communication in a broader perspective which entails understanding various relationships brought about by communication.

Both qualitative and quantitative method will be used to collect and analyze data. These methods will comprise of survey, sampling both random and stratified sampling shall be used in collection of data. Further, there will be use of questionnaires whereby employees will be required to answer questions based on effective organizational communication.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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