Essays on Managerial Competencies and Its Impact on Employee Engagement Research Proposal

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The paper "Managerial Competencies and Its Impact on Employee Engagement" is a great example of a management research proposal. Employee  engagement  is an important aspect of human resource management practice. Over the past decades, varying definitions have been provided in an effort to conceptualize what it entails and establish a direction for modern academic researchers. While there are no  particular  differences between the earlier and modern definitions of employee engagement, recent studies center through the three  aspects  of employee  engagement; psychological,   behavioral  and  trait  engagements (Macey  and Schneider,   2008, p. 3). Organizational observations suggest that good  leadership  and management are the key  driving factor towards enhanced employee engagement and  organizational  financial  performance.

In fact, one of the HR consulting firms indicated that they have already  compelling  findings  regarding the relationship between engagement and  profitability (Hewitt  Associates LLC. ,  2005).   Similarly, the Towers Watson 2007-2008 Global workforce study showed a direct  correlation  between engagement and performance. That said, the  critical  question and which is the purpose of our study is how the managerial competencies influence the level of engagement in an organization.   The public sector in Oman has had past human resource problems. The development of the Huma Resource has recently focused on public sectors. In fact, various studies have shown that the public sectors in Oman record very little application of the human resource practice effectively.

The issues that are facing these organizations include those that relate to ageing, recruitment, training and development among others. In particular, the Oman public sector faces the challenge of underutilization of Oman resident since the country depends largely on expatriates (Al Wahshi, 2016, p. 4). However, very little has been studied concerning the issue of competency and how it affects employee engagement in public sectors. It is for this reason that this prosed study seeks to contribute to the few existing research regarding behavioral impact of managers on the engagement process. This  proposed study aims at contributing to the field of research in human resource management by  analyzing  through a descriptive and qualitative  analysis approach the relationship between managerial  competencies  and employee engagement in Oman.

The reason as to why our focus is on this topic is because there are a plethora of inconclusive and varying findings regarding the relationship. Our research will focus on various management behavior  in two  respective levels of management; first-level  line manager and  senior  managers. We shall also look into the concept of competency and  engagement  in details.   Research Questions  Is there a relationship between managerial competencies and employee engagement?   How are competency and the level of engagement measured? How does  managerial  competencies impact on employee engagement?   Does the hypothesis prove the correlation between the level of competency and engagement? Research Aims and Objectives  The main aim of this proposed research is to find out  whether  managerial competencies influence employee engagement.

Our objectives are to review various research studies and identify gaps and conceptualize the connection between employee engagement and managerial competencies. Research Hypothesis Null hypothesis 1: There is a statistically significant relationship between managerial competencies and employee engagement in both levels of management. Null hypothesis 2: There is no statistically significant difference in the competencies required by junior, middle and senior for higher engagements for those who work for them directly.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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