Essays on Managerial Control Systems - Statoil Company Case Study

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The paper 'Managerial Control Systems - Statoil Company " is a good example of a management case study. Since time immemorial, the business fraternity faces a myriad of challenges when seeking to manage their enterprises. This is because of the fact that there are numerous elements that require attention and have a notable magnitude on an organization's performance. With the prevalent technological advancements, management duties are now easier to undertake. Technological advancements reduce the management’ s involvement in operations but call for aggressive monitoring. For instance, modern antics foster downsizing abilities as companies are mechanized requiring compressed workforces.

With mechanization, organizations have slimmer human resource departments yet require routine monitoring and control (Tricker & Boland, 2005). The difference emanates from the fact that mechanization is prone to collapse or other drawbacks that would severely interfere with an organization’ s operation levels. Scholars and other experts in the field of academia seek to elaborate and define workable techniques to handle the management gridlock. The management control system is one of the many managerial concepts enacted in modern times. The Management control system seeks to gather and utilize information used to appraise the performance of resources at the disposal of an organization.

The Management control system works hand in hand with the organizational strategies to shape the organizational culture and behavior. Through the Management control system, leaders at the helm of affairs in an organization get a platform to influence organizational behavior towards the desired culture. The organization's management has the mandate to formulate strategies that will deliver competitive advantage, the desired outcome, and enhance performance. A management control system is a tool used by managers to entrench the formulated strategies.

This system is complex and encompasses the entire organizational fraternity.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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