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Managerial Marketing-Discussion Blogs: Social Media Managerial Marketing-Discussion Blogs: Social Media Sledgianowski and Kulviwat, S. (2009) establishes a comprehensive plan on how to utilize the potential in social networking for marketing and advertisement programs. There are various topics discussed in relation to the issue of social networking in relation to marketing. The first topic focus on identifying the available social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Ning, Linkdln, and YouTube. The other section discusses the business models for online social networking sites. This is for the purpose of determining the way a marketer should make reasonable decisions while investing in the social networking sites for effective promotion and marketing.

Apparently, the social Networking sites have been experiencing an exponential increase in popularity due to their viral nature. These sites such are Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and many others that are self promoting since the users spread the word about the site (Naraine, 2004). Therefore, the growth of the social network is determined by its spread; in fact, this attribute concerning social media growth and spread is appealing for integration with efforts of marketing products and services.

It has also resulted to recognition of the social media potential, and numerous marketers are taking the chance to use it for their competitive advantage. On the other hand, as a marketing manager I can use information for elaborating the significance of the user-generated content in the marketing and explore trademark and copyright issues. Therefore, this paper offers ideas on general legal standards applicable to social media marketing and discusses compliance with terms and conditions of social media outlets and the implementation of a company based terms and conditions.

The article offers pertinent ideas regarding the significance of retaining records concerning the use of social media that can be useful for a marketing manager. ReferencesNaraine R. (2004). Social Networks In Search of Business Models. Retrieved on August 12 2013 from Sledgianowski, D. & kulviwat, S. (2009). Using social network sites: The effects of playfulness, critical mass, and trust in a hedonic context. Journal of Computer Information Systems, pp. 74-83

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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