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MANAGERIAL SKILLS LOG Introduction To be a successful manager each and every person need to possess some skill sets and apply those adequately in his or her workplace. By following this only one can achieve the target set based on his or her performance. There are various types of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills which a manger should have to follow and based on this he or she can achieve the organizational competencies. The interpersonal skills are those skills which come from inside and the intra personal skills are those skills which can be buil or imbibed.

Communication skill is an important trait which plays a vital role in each and every organization. This project mainly focuses on a hospital and its nurses. Healthcare industry is service based sector and it normally works in a particular manner which involves doctors, medicines, patients and nurses. Nurses are a very important part of the hospital and each nurse has her own roles and responsibilities. They are the main staff who are meant to care for the patents, thus providing the essential service element, thus the customer base for a hospital will largely depend on the nature of service provided by the nurses and this, in her a, will reflection revenue generation and profitability of the hospital.

Staffs appreciation programs are hence necessary for the organization and on the basis of this, organizational goals can achieve. Motive is a basic need which can be added in each and every goal oriented activities. So in employee appreciation each and every employee will be receiving some rewards and recognitions on the basis of their performance. In this hospital nurses have got some gifts and rewards on the particular day of employee appreciation. Nurses are managed by the nursing manager.

The nursing managers will be trained and motivated to work. Nursing job is a kind of job which involves night shifts also. So, they should balance their household work and hospital work appropriately. In order to achieve this, all nurses need to be given shift able training and motivation, by proper management so that the hospital can attain its core objectives. Review of performance another major management strategy for achieving competitive edge over rivals.

Reviews are the kind of appraisal which can be done periodically and on the basis of that each such exercise and every goal can be achieved with in a particular timeframe. Thus the hospital will be able to achieve the goals set and attain profitability in the business. ‘The employee review can be done six alternative ways. ” (Company Histories Part 2: Leading American Businesses). Managerial skills Observation of all the nurses from top to bottom level Monitoring them on the basis of performance Implementation Experience evaluation Decision making Ability to conduct research All these ways performance can be measures and based on that goal that is profitability should be achieved.

By concluding the project we can analyze that each and every organization runs on the basis of profitability and organizational effectiveness. To run each and every service and product based organizations all the analysis should be done. Works Cited Company Histories Part 2: Leading American Businesses. 2010. Web. 17 Dec. 2010.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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