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The paper "Managerial Style Analysis" is a great example of a management case study.   Management may be described as a role in an organization that involves planning, organizing, motivating and leading, as well as controlling (Adizes 2004, p. 23). Having worked for XY beauty Products Company as a sales manager for three years had exposed me to several and diverse experiences. Some of the experiences were great and are still fresh in my mind. However, there are other instances that were really challenging. A case in point is when a competitor firm drastically dropped the prices for its products.

Our company was going through some hard financial times, and we could not afford to engage in a price war. This meant that even my customers had to take a flight, and purchase from the firm that had over the years threatened to out-market us. The sales team that I supervised started recording poor performance. They could not hit their monthly targets. This exposed me to a lot of pressure from the chief executive of the company. He argued that performance in terms of sales targets was mandatory for me to keep my job as the sales manager.

At one point, I did not know what to do. I felt like I was incompetent, and I was beginning to lose hope. This was unique. Previously, I did not react to situations like that. Even if I got scared sometimes, my confidence could always bounce back. Probably, it was the feeling that the entire company which had over the years ridden on the sales team, was looking up to me. One morning, the chief executive officer called me in his office and indicated that the only alternative the company was left with was to turn around its sales, irrespective of the market competition.

The chief executive officer got very candid with me and told me that the company was facing closure if the sales took a nosedive. This is when I decided that I had to do something to help salvage the company. Although it was hard, it had its positive side. If I could only manage to turn around the sales, irrespective of the stiff market competition, I would earn credit, and even be recommended for promotion. In my mind, I knew it had to start with me.

This is considering the fact that for a manager to be successful, he has to identify correctly his roles and develop management skills. I also had to develop confidence (Rees & Porter 2008, p. 88). I planned to motivate the sales team, and show them how possible it was for us to turn around the sales. In doing this, I was planning to hold a series of refresher training for the sales team.

This would sharpen their prospecting, negotiation, presentation, and closing skills. In addition, I was planning to have a performance review meeting for my sales team every morning. In these meetings, I was planning to make salespeople explain their daily targets, give projections, and explain how they would attain the same. In addition, I was planning to change the whole style of selling. This is was probably my last card. I knew if this failed, I was out of the company, and the company would go down, as well.

This was about selling solutions instead of selling products. I advocated for selling the benefits of a product, and not its features. The essence behind this strategy was purely an attempt to shift clients focus from the price element of a product and draw them to non-price elements. Non-price elements are those related to the quality and design of a product (Lewis 1999, p. 141). I had so much faith in this last strategy, that I started accompanying the sales team members to the field, just to find out how they were fairing with it.

In all these strategies, there were a number of assumptions that I made. For one, I assumed that the sales team would cooperate with me as I tried to implement my strategies. I also assumed that the management would provide facilitation for the sales team, in terms of telephone costs and transport allowances.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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