Essays on Managing Business Activities Assignment

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The paper "Managing Business Activities" is an amazing example of a Business essay. A ‘ function’ is an area where the organization wants to pay more attention to support its organizational goals or visions. Therefore, a business function can be positioned as a grouping of internal behavior on a certain criterion (Mullins, 2007).     Similarly, a business process is a collection of causally related units of internal behavior or a unit of internal behavior, with the goal or aim of producing a predefined collection of goods/products and services. In an organization, a business process is constructed from activities or sub-processes.

A business process can be started or triggered by other business processes or one or more business activities or events. A single business process cannot belong to a single business function. A business function will consist of multiple processes and activities and a process will only be realized by multiple business functions. A business process as well as business functions will describe the inner way of working of an organization or area (Mullins, 2007). An organization that focuses on business function will identify the business process gaps that need to tackle to achieve the organizational mission and vision.

Appropriate resources will then be dedicated to improving the process performance in each of the designated key areas. In this sense, business function drives process excellence. On the other hand, a superior business process performance can create new market opportunities. A good example is DIAMOND Paint, which is well known for its excellent distribution and marketing process. While this business process has been defined for traditional DIAMOND Paint s products, it has been used to distribute non-traditional DIAMOND Paint fares such as electronics and groceries.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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