Essays on Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results Assignment

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The paper "Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results" is a good example of a business assignment.   SCAS (South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust) begun in 2006 as a mobile provider of healthcare. It was formed following the merger of the Hampshire Ambulance Service, the Royal Berkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, and the Oxford Ambulance Services NHS Trust. The organization serves the counties of Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, and Berkshire. In 2006, the organization became a foundation of trust. About four million people receive excellent patient care from the organization. Its primary purpose is to give a response to 999 emergency calls as well as get treatment to patients who are experiencing serious illnesses or injuries, and life-threatening conditions, as quickly as possible.

Through the Patient Transport Services, the organization is able to offer pre-arranged transport service to patients suffering from medical conditions, to and from medical facilities. Through the commercial division, the organization offers numerous services, and they include community equipment service, first aid training, and logistic services. The organization works with staffs, partners, patients, as well as the community to come up with innovative ways of improving the outcomes of the patients as well as patient experience.

The organization’ s departments and services include Patient and Transport Services, 999, Community First Responders, and commercial services such as training on first aid (SCAS 2015, p. 1). Task 1.1: evaluate the interrelationship between the different processes and functions of the organization The business function entails the specific activity performed by the firm to produce its services, produce its products, or attain its objectives. The beginning of the process is the input procurement and its end is the provision of services once there are the sales of goods and services.

Business processes can either be core or supportive. The core processes of the business entail the organization’ s basic business, with the organization’ s operation representing the company’ s key industry activity. Support business processes offer facilitation to the core business processes. The core business functions include the following: Procurement, logistics, and distribution: this function entails the activities related to obtaining as well as storing inputs and storage and transportation of finished products to the clients. Operations: activities that ensure that there is the transformation of inputs into outputs, either services or goods. Products and services development: activities linked to bringing a new, superior, or redesigned service or product to market.

These activities include marketing analysis, research, design, as well as engineering. Marketing customer accounts and sales: activities that aim at offering information to the existing as well as potential buyers. They include advertising, promotion, telemarketing, retail management, and selling. Customer and after-sale services: these entail services offered to clients after they buy the service or the good. These services include help-desk services and training. Support business processes: Three main support business practices are present in a firm.

They are the following: Firm infrastructure and general management: they include building services, administrative services, and corporate governance such as legal, planning, government, finance, and public relation. Human resource management: this entails activities related to hiring, recruiting, compensating, recruiting, as well as dismissing personnel. Process and technology development: these are activities that relate to automation, Maintenance, redesigning and designing of equipment, procedures, hardware, software, and technical knowledge (Brown 2012, p. 5).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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