Essays on The Public Service of the Welsh Government and the CIPD Profession Map Assignment

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The paper   “ The Public Service of the Welsh Government and the CIPD Profession Map” is a spectacular example of the assignment on management. The First Minister of Wales Government established a commission to analyze public service delivery and governance in 2013. The minister asked the committee to put a greater emphasis on the devolved public service delivery. The committee analyzed the public sector within the context of five themes, including performance complexity, scale and capability, governance, scrutiny and delivery, leadership, culture and values, and performance management (The Welsh Government, 2014, p.

1). The report revealed that public service in Wales Government suffers from increased challenges. From the onset, the report attributed the increasing and prolonged challenges of austerity and recession in the public sector budget. The delivery of public services has continually become inadequate because of the expanding population and because a greater part of the population is becoming old. As the population grows old and expands at the same time, the public service meets many expectations that they can manage. As a result, the demand for public services continues to increase while the sector does not have adequate resources to meet them.

The inability of the public sector to meet the growing demands primarily results from austerity policies and recession in the civil service budget. The commission also maintained that the problems found in the public sector existed in the public service systems, culture, and process (The Welsh Government, 2014, p. 1). They reinforce one another and also exist independently. The commission provided some recommendations to redress the existing problems. However, the commission also maintained that the solutions they provided were holistic in nature and could not be used in part if at all the government wants to pursue a radical change.

The report established a need for change in the public service system, culture, and process. The solutions recommended by the commission would run between three and five years. This paper seeks to diagnose some of the key problems faced by Welsh public sector bodies, about performance complexity theme. It also seeks to Identify and critically explain the measures that can be taken to introduce the radical change in the public sector about the chosen theme.



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