Essays on Managing Change In Organisations Assignment

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Introduction The paper looks into the management and changes used by the Nokia Company to adjust to changes in the global market. The management of Nokia implemented adjustments in the innovation networks in the organization to ensure that the company adjusted to the changing technology development and increasing competition. The company planned and initiated changes in the global networks of its outlets ensuring efficiency and quality productions in its chains across the global arena. The paper has major application and information collection through theory and testing of theories of R& D collaboration in relation to operations and running of large multinational firms in the current economic environments.

The result of the paper research indicates that the company has had effective change in its organization in attempts to capture the global market and beat its world competitors (ABC, 2010). It achieved the creation, establishment and maintenance of credible and effective global brand. The change management and initiatives of Nokia lead to effective innovation strategy for the development of new products and services hence setting standards for purposes of the current and future mobile technology and communication applications.

Generally, the company had application of R& D collaborations, open innovation and alliances to meet the change in the organizational management needs in the company for better operations (John, 2010). Task oneStrategic change in the management of organizations is viewed as one of the most important aspect of management that makes organizations to survive in turbulent economic times. Generally, there is extensive competition and extensive changes in technology that are the foundation motive for changes in organizations like Nokia. Failure to apply a comprehensive, effective and sustainable change in its operations would give the company disadvantages in its operations (Koen, 2010).

The best way to initiate and sustain strategic change in the organization would involve exploration of better and new capabilities plus exploitation of the existing knowledge base of the corporation in an extensive manner. The alliances provide the opportunity of learning from alliance partners and giving knowledge incentives. It would offer the absolute opportunity for comparison and developing new technologies and ideas in relation to the approaches offered by partners and competitors. The process of learning and development would trickle down to exchange of knowledge, technology, expertise and specialization to help in the operations and running of new ventures and departments in the Nokia Company (March, 1991).

Each of the partner or collaborating institution posses a wealth of knowledge and skills that are majorly accumulated technical skills over time. The change at the Nokia Company is greatly transformational in its approach to the new management of the company. The organization generally applied a learning process and application that is exploitation associated with extension and refinement of the existing technologies (Koza & Lewin, 1997).

This approach provided a great platform for changes that were applied in the operations of the entity both in the local, headquarters and international areas of operations. These transformation approaches equally lead to application that employs exploration as an approach of developing new technologies for the entity. It majorly offers new alternatives and options for the new management model required by the institutions. This kind of learning and organizational change by the institution created significant effect and approach by which the company managed its changes in the operations of its running in an effective and sustainable manner.

The general outlook of the institution lead to creation of effective global network institution realignment ensuring production and innovative programs (Schumpter, 2012).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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