Essays on Managing Change - Beitler Case Study

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The paper 'Managing Change - Beitler" is a good example of a management case study. Organisational change is mostly stimulated by vital external forces, for instance, extensive cuts in funding, remarkable increases in services and declined market opportunities. Typically, organisations undertake structural, strategic or technical shifts in the organisation to advance to a different level in the organisation life cycle. These developments may include shifting from a vastly reactive organisation to a sufficiently proactive stable environment (Hussey 254). Management of change is a set of processes administered to ascertain significant changes are implemented in a systematic and controllable manner.

One of the objectives of management change is the configure people and culture with strategic changes in the organisation, to overcome change resistance so as to increase engagement and attainment of the organisation’ s goals for efficient transformation. Achieving sustainable changes in the organisation begins with an understanding of the organisation’ s current state, followed by the execution of targeted and appropriate strategies. A comprehensive strategy of managing change would result in the achievement of desired objectives, develop a sense of ownership, facilitate measurable and sustainable improvements and also fabricate measures to respond to future changes (Graetz, et al 357). Description of the project Beitler started his career at Bain and Company, an international management consulting firm in the United States.

As a CPA, he was initially to accounting and auditing engagements of the organisation. While he clearly observed the significance of the work, he did not find the job to be exceptionally fulfilling. He did not find himself making an impact on the organisation’ s future effectiveness. Eventually, he had the chance to work in the company’ s management advisory services (MAS) practice with a large number of clients from different industries.

Creating strategic plans and adjusting structures within the entire organisation was quite exciting to Beitler.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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