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Running head: MANAGING RELATIONSHIP: THE TECHNOLOGY ADOPTION LIFE CYCLE Managing Relationships: The Technology Adoption Life Cycle Insert Name Insert Course Title Insert Instructor’s Name 15th November 2011 Four stages of technology adoption life cycle Early market Early market technology entails the technology that is adopted by visionaries and enthusiasts. Visionaries engage in new market with an intention of exploiting the available resources in order to attain a competitive advantage (Don and Martha 453). On the other hand, enthusiast uses the early market due to their desire to explore the various aspects that are generated by the technology.

One of the major aims of this technology is to ensure that customers are well informed and effectively served due to the stiff competition in the business arena. Crossing the Chasm Crossing the chasm entails movement of the enthusiasts and visionaries into greener pastures. Under this technology, the protagonists emulate the new technology after realizing that other people have adopted the technology. Individuals adopt this technology under duress. For example, managers can be directed to collect a problem in their department failure to which the management will look for skilled managers to work on their behalf.

Some of the challenges addressed by this type of technology include customer support, customer service, lead generation as well as customer renewal (Don and Martha 455). It is imperative for managers to ensure that the vendors work together in cases of problems in order to ensure that whole product is provided. Crossing the chasm also involves the use of specialized types of CRM to detect fraud especially during online marketing. Inside the Tornado Inside the Tornado entails switching to the new technology after every one has adopted the technology.

The sudden increase in demand forces the vendors to emulate various activities that are aimed at increasing the supply of their products to meet the sudden demand (Don and Martha 457). This form of technology advocates the use of social media including Face book, Twitter in order to promote their products. In addition, E-mail campaigns are emulated by companies as a way of reaching large number of customers. On Main Street This form of technology stipulates that the technology is already adopted and there are no more challenges that are faced by customers who are willing to emulate the new system.

In addition, on Main Street depicts that protagonists increases the amount of products they purchased during the chasm and tornado phases (Don and Martha 458). In the same way this form of technology argues that most of the productivity gains focused during the tornado stage have not yet been achieved due to ineffective of the software. Since during on Main Street phase the software are effective, end users should have an opportunity to customize the system in various aspects in order to improve the productivity of various groups of people. How CRM technology adoption parallels the stages of the technology adoption lifecycle and management styles that benefit each stage During the Early market stage companies put at bay their competitors by use of CRM technology to disrupt business activities.

This stage is parallel with the CRM technology in that it entails combination of online sales and marketing in order to adopt a single console system (Don and Martha 459). Due to the resistance that may exist from less enthusiastic employees, it is prudent for managers to adopt power in their management styles in order to ensure the success of the company. The use of CRM technology is also parallel with the charms stage based on the use of technology such as anti-customer software that is able to track the identity of the customers.

During this phase, it is prudent for managers to ensure team work within their firms. This ensures vendors work together to solve various problem that arise during the marketing process. The use of E-mail campaigns and social media in marketing as depicted by the tornado is parallel with the CRM technology that advocates for use of technology infrastructure to ensure that companies attain a competitive position.

Democratic style of management is essential during the tornado stage since it addresses the complex decisions particularly during the putting in place the ICT system to address the needs of the customers. The use of web based marketing for instance Google and Yahoo during the Main Street is a vital aspect that is in parallel with the CRM technology that calls for adoption of technology innovation in their customer management.

Managers should adopt more research in order to come up with a technology system that is more profitable and effective. Works Cited Don, P., Martha, R.. Managing Customer Relationships: The Technology Adoption Life Cycle. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 2004.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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