Essays on Managing Global Relationships and Marketing Crisis Coursework

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The paper "Managing Global Relationships and Marketing Crisis" is a good example of marketing coursework.   Companies need to form formidable and lasting relations with their consumers, suppliers and their employees. This will eventually ensure the smooth learning of their operations. In regard to these, the suppliers will always be supplying goods and other required raw materials on time leading to greater efficiency. The employees will also work diligently and offer high-quality products to consumers on a timely basis. At the same time, companies need to ensure that they have minimal marketing crisis to deal with and in instances when they occur unexpectedly they need to have measures in place to address the issues.

This will eventually ensure that smooth learning of the operations of an organisation thus leading to better services for the consumers and also the delivery of better products. This report is divided into two major sections that are relationship development and a case scenario on managing marketing crisis. The first section on relationship development will entail the identification of a key customer, individual or supplier that China Mobile Ltd ought to develop a relationship with.

The section will address the following issues Who? – identify who to develop the relationship with. Why? – discuss the rationales for establishing such a relationship. How? – discuss how the relationship can be developed. What? – discuss what the benefits are and explain how they are beneficial to your company in the selected foreign country. The second section will outline the most appropriate actions that can be taken with the aim of addressing the marketing crisis. The following should in the second section; What? – identify and discuss what the effects of the marketing crisis are and discuss their implications to the case company. How?

– outline precisely how you would respond to the marketing crisis Why? – discuss the rationale for your responses to the marketing crisis. Lastly, there will be a conclusion, to sum up the main points of the report and it will also offer some recommendations for the company that they can apply in future to reduce delays in delivery of goods. Relationship development Companies approach to their suppliers ought to be included in the strategic plan since almost all businesses operating in the economy whether those that are service or product-oriented dependently on suppliers.

Many businesses seem to treat the suppliers as the least and backwards issues in their organisation. Companies argue that since they write the orders they have a dominant position and can, therefore, they can exploit it with irrational demands (Sheffi 2001). Thus, companies need to get reliable and good suppliers since they are essential for company growth and health. The continuous delivery of reliable, high-quality products at reasonable prices plays an essential role in ensuring the smooth operations, success and productivity of the products in the market.

China Mobile Ltd needs to form a relation with Axiom Telecom was founded by Faisal Al Bannai an Emirati entrepreneur and had four employees at the start of its operations in the year 1997 (Kerr 2010). With time, Axiom became the official’ s distributor to various consumer brands in the United Arab Emirates including Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung and it has the largest market share in the Middle East. Axiom grew rapidly in 2001 and it even introduced their first retail outlet in the UAE.

In the year 2003, Axiom launched their regional roll-out and after time they have established their presence in Bahrian, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and London, and India. In the year 2005, 40% of Axiom Telecom was acquired by Tecom, which is a member of the Dubai Holding (Nicholson 2010). Currently, Axiom operates and owns some stores through partner arrangement.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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