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The paper "Managing the Hospitality Experience " is a perfect example of a business assignment. Receptionist needs to be courteous. Courtesy means that the receptionist needs to have the excellence of social conduct. A polite receptionist is able to cope with the daily ups and downs of the reception and have the clients satisfied and minimize complains. Courtesy is practically being generous and considerate without favors. It is a personality trait that is practically crucial for a hotel receptionist. Dependability is a vital trait for a hotel receptionist. For instance, in the case (episode 8), it is critical that the receptionist had to be truthful to the client regarding various issues.

For example, the availability of the room upgrade as requested by the client, he had to stick to the policies and not tell lies to the client when pushed to the corner. A dependable receptionist is the one who can be trusted by the organization with the ability to professionally handle the guests. He as well should be reliable to the clients and the organization. Occasionally, the receptionist job is traumatic which is attributed to the public interaction with varied personalities, under circumstances that the receptionist is expected to perform multiple tasks.

This calls for the ability to network quickly to handle the demands of the job. Dependability is a trait that a receptionist has to possess to be able to tackle various challenges at the reception. Ability to communicate effectively is a vital personality trait of a hotel receptionist. The ability to communicate is a prerequisite skill and trait of a hotel receptionist. Ability to communicate is essential for the purpose of exchanging ideas and needs, expectations as well as opinions with the hotel clients and staff.

A receptionist must know how to face a client from different perspectives and deliver his or her point at all times. Communication skills ensure that there is no breakdown in information exchange between the receptionist and the clients. Flexibility is another personality trait critical for a hotel receptionist. In the case involved, (episode 8), it was critical for the receptionist to be changed according to the client's preferences and request for conflict to be muted.

It was essential that the receptionist had to be flexible enough to accommodate the client with many demands. Flexibility enables the receptionist to have confidence desirable when handling the guests. This results in logical service delivery and customer satisfaction. Ethics and good morals is a vital personality trait of a hotel receptionist. A good receptionist must upload the morals desired in the period of executing responsibilities. The receptionist should not be ready to compromise on ethics and moral code of conduct when faced by a challenging situation, Instead, the particular receptionist should at all times approach the clients in an acceptable way as defined by the moral codes of receptionist conduct.

This calls for a commitment to work and being resourceful always.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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