Essays on Managing In Ambiguity And Change. Ass 2 Assignment

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SummaryManaging involves ensuring that people work as teams so as to ensure that they meet the set goals and it entails making sure those resources are utilized in a manner that is effective and efficient. There are many activities which go into planning. A manager is an organizer, a planner, a leader and a staffer (Bryant, et. al, 2004). A manager is required to manipulate the resources that are at his or her disposal to ensure that objectives of the organization that they are running are met and at the same time minimizing losses and other unwanted eventualities.

Organizations can be seen as systems and management is concerned with how the systems can be made to be successful. Managing organizations in the ordinary course of events is never an easy undertaking (Jeffrey, 1999). However, it becomes difficult whenever an organization is undergoing some form of turbulence. Where an organization is undergoing some challenges, then the managers have a task which is more difficult and such managers have to really exercise their wisdom so as to ensure that they achieve the best decision.

Crises have seen many organizations crumble and this report examines an organization that has gone through a turbulent period and survived (Essers, et. al, 2009). The report shall look at the largest holder of natural gas resources in Australia, Chevron. Chevron is an American multinational corporation which is deals with energy and its headquarters are in San Ramon, California. The operations of the country extend to at least 180 countries globally. BodyThe gas industry is one of the greatest threats that exist towards environmental sustainability. This has informed the choice of a company which is involved in gas exploration and which has taken efforts to combat the effects that gas exploration activities tend to have.

Chevron holds the larges amount of gas resources in Australia. Chevron also happens to be leading in the Gorgon Gas Project development (Sandeland, 2010). The project is estimated to cost $43 and since its inauguration in 2010 its completion is expected to be the year 2014. The aim of the project is to construct a plant which can hold fifteen million tons (Adrian & Yiannia, 2001).

The project also aims at building a gas plant which should be in a position to supply Western Australia with 300 terajoules each day. The Gorgon Project is expected to among the projects, worldwide, which are efficient in terms of production of green house gases. Part of the reason that will ensure that the plant attains efficiency is sequestration, from the Jansz and Gorgon reservoirs, of the naturally occurring carbon dioxide. The year 2011 saw an announcement by Chevron that a gas development project in Wheatstone would go ahead in West of Australia.

The first phase of the project is could cost about $29 billion. The second project is to have trains for processing purpose and the two trains are said to have the capability of producing 8.9 million tons each year. The two projects in which Chevron is engaged in are estimated to create more than 16,000 jobs. Alternative Sources of Energy

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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