Essays on Government, Markets, Quasi Markets, and Regulation Assignment

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The paper "Government, Markets, Quasi Markets, and Regulation" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. The United Kingdom's public sector has greatly transformed in the recent past in terms of the management practices being embraced in the public sector. Many of the changes that take place has been as a result of increased competition, and high-quality service provision in the private sector. The public sector seems to begin embracing key changes in the management of the public services, where the management of public services  is  being focused on the private sector.

The implementation of the new public management practices has sparked off concerns over the impacts that these changes will have on the public sector. This study will look into the issue of public service changes brought about by changes in the UK public sector management practices. 2.0 Evaluation of Case 1 Q1.Why have concerns been raised about the recent changes to public services, with respect to competition? Recent changes in UK public services have been focused on competition in the private sector. This has raised key concerns over the future of public service delivery, which has been different from that of the private sector.

The private sector public service is geared towards implementing new management practices that replace the traditional public administration practices of public services. This change has raised a concern, first by the move to expose public services to competition, which became a challenge to the public service delivery. The changes involving exposing public service to competition, in the same way, carried in the private sector raises key issues of cost, accessibility, and service to the people. Concerns have been raised on account that exposing public service to the competition will degrade the quality of service offered to the public.

Concerns have been raised that through exposing public service to competition, then the quality of service will depend on the standards that are in the market. Through exposing public service to competition, then the standard of quality of the service will be left in the hands of the market. This means that competition will drive which provider will offer the services, and the quality of the service will depend on the service provider who has outdone others in the competition.

This risks public service quality to get down, especially in the context that the right provider wins in the competition (Moran, 2001).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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