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The paper "Managing Marketing of Etihad Airways" is a great example of a case study on marketing. Etihad Airways is the national airline of Abu Dhabi began its operations in 2003 and has been declared the fastest growing airline in Asia. The company’ s positioning as a provider of personalized and luxurious travel services has made the company a global leader in the first-class travel service. As stated by Bomber, Gittell & Kochan (2009) with this leverage, the company’ s growth strategy is well-founded and as it expands its market to Asia, the Company’ s endeavor to be the market leader in Asia can still be enhanced on the same platform of offering personalized and luxurious travel service. The current challenge facing Etihad Airways as it endeavors to penetrate Asian destinations and market segment is competition from numerous airline companies and lack of brand awareness.

Recent market studies have indicated a growing business in the airline industry in Asia ranging between 30% and 40%. The research further indicates that first-class travel and business class travel are growing at a slighter lower rate of between 10% and 20% with most clients being international business people, tourists, and professionals.

Airline consumer survey done on the region further indicates increasing trends in consumer awareness on the airline service quality and experience (Skytrax 2010). Market Description Asian airline market has been in an endless growth for the last decade and this has seen the influx and development of several airline companies. The increasing economic growth in the region has made airline travel a choice for most business professionals and entrepreneurs. Etihad Airways intends to meet the needs of the market as a whole while segmenting the market as per the users’ needs rather than the regional and geographical locations.

The target market for Etihad Airways and Etihad brand are; Corporate users Entrepreneurs and investors Luxury travelers Professionals The needs of most customers in this segment with reference to first-class and business-class products are travel safety, great customer experience in terms of travel ambiance, entertainment, a continuation of the business and office work and finally a timely and consistent travel schedule. Product review Etihad Airways are associated with the personalized and luxurious first-class product- Diamond first-class globally, this has made the company a global leader in this product category as per the 2010 Skytrax awards.

The company has positioned its first-class product as associated with style, space, luxury, and ambiance. The First class product- diamond class has been designed for greater customer experience to the corporate users, luxury travelers, and entrepreneurs.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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