Essays on Managing Organisational Change - Wilders Department Store Case Study

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The paper 'Managing Organisational Change - Wilders Department Store" is a perfect example of a management case study. Evidently, today organizations are facing rapid change compared to past years. Improvement of technology and globalization are gradually increasing markets and opportunities for revenue and growth (French, W & Bell 1999.). An increase in diverse markets is considered to have a wide variety of expectations and needs which requires if individuals are expected to be collaborators and strong customers. It is for such reason that every organization must change not for the purpose of surviving in competition but also to retain its relevance across the globe.

In order for change to advance and bring benefits within the organizations to a higher level of operation and service, the change should largely be driven by desirable knowledge. French & Bell (1999) asserts that organizational change is defined as any action or set of actions that mostly results in a shift of process or direction that largely affects the way an organization works. Change can either be planned or deliberate performed by leaders within any given organization.

Change can either originate from both external and internal sources of an organization (Harrison & Shirom, 1998). Different changes have different ways in which they affect strategies designed by an organization. These effects can be in the form processes required to implement various changes, tasks, and functions performed by employees and the relationship between employees and employers. This study focuses on understanding organizational change by using Wilders's departmental Store as a case study. Scope This paper focuses on showing how change can be managed effectively within Wilders Departmental Stores. It initializes by giving a general introduction based on organizational change which will be followed by identifying the various changes required within Wilders Departmental Stores.

Analyzing the causes and symptoms within the store will also be important in understanding the root causes of the problems. Finally, the paper will identify the need for change and various strategies that will ensure the successful implementation of various changes.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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