Essays on Managing Organisational Change Assignment

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Change Management in an OrganizationChange management is characterized by several aspects and is influenced by many forces that maybe found externally or internally within the organization. One underlying factor though is that from time to time, any organization must undergo some sort of change. More to that at any other level within the organization change management is perhaps the most instrumental since it affects such other factors as decision making (Rogers 2004). By management, we are referring her to any level of leadership that is found within the organization.

When this level is restructured, a number of occurrences do take place. We may be able to understand these changes by looking at some of the ways in which they affect the organization, Several theories that attempt to explain and looked into change management will also be looked into The Organization. We need first to understand some of the changes Virgin Blue went through in order to delve into this subject fully. In this study, Virgin Blue will be our case subject of discussion owing to its recent re-structuring. The airline’s main aim of undertaking this expansion seems to have been an attempt to capture the business class market and thus there the introduction of a business class product aimed at attracting corporate travelers by creating what may seem like a customized product for them.

With it came the new uniform for cabin crew and ground staff and there were intentions to bring on board another aircraft. From one perspective these may look like ordinary daily changes and acquisitions that an institution is bound to make from time to time while from another angle these might have been complex issues that were deliberated over a long period of time and might not have come with ease.

There might have been compromise and sacrifices to be made. This is the complexity of the whole issue of change management has to deal with. In view of the fact that Virgin Blue commands about 10% of the market share, we are able to establish that Virgin Blue underwent just a relatively minimal transition that was more geared towards expansion. However, someone may argue that it wasn’t necessary for the staff uniform to be renewed to enhance this expansion or someone may say that the staff uniform has nothing to do with expansion (Rummler 1999).

It is therefore not easy to describe organizational change in one descriptive term. There are many angles from which one may look at and thus the importance of theories and models that attempt to explain these changes. Applying the Teleological Models In Change ManagementTo cope with the changes that are bound to take place, Virgin Blue may adopt the provisions of the Teleological Model. This model holds the view that the process of change is inclusive of other considerations such as purposive planning, informed strategizing reward and incentive mechanisms, continuous analysis and engagement with stakeholders as well as looking at the leadership cluster.

At the center of coordinating all these activities is the leader who must be keen and observant to be able to somehow handle all those activities almost simultaneously (Sleeth, Johnston & Wallace 2006). This he does through creation of other subsidiary contributors such as departments and departmental heads who keep their eyes on the ground and consistently give feed back to the leadership.

The information gathered assists in the activities mentioned concerning strategizing and restructuring. They therefore contribute greatly to inform a change of any nature in the institution. In the case of Virgin Blue moist of the provisions provided for in the Teleological Model must have been applied before reaching to decision that there is need to change the uniform for example or increase the number of lounges, there must have been ground work that researched and analyzed the importance of these changes.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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