Essays on Managing Organisational Change Assignment

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IntroductionOrganizational change is a part of business which every business has to encounter and being able to deal with the changes ensure better business prospects and opportunities of growth. Virgin Blue which is looking towards changes need to develop a strategy which will facilitate the changes and ensure that Virgin Blue is able to improve their business. Virgin Blue is looking to make changes by having a change in the uniform of the employees, eyeing both the leisure and business sector by offering customers something extra and also looking to upgrade the airport lounges so that customer satisfaction multiples and the business is able to have a pool of loyal customers for a longer period of time. Purpose of the ReportTo find out what organizational change meansTo find the manner in which consulting a change specialist will benefit Virgin Blue in ensuring the required changesTo find out the different reasons which is making Virgin Blue look towards changes and to find out the different areas of resistance which Virgin Blue has to deal withTo develop a planning process which helps Virgin Blue to make the required changes by providing the required inputs to the employeesOrganizational ChangeBusinesses to achieve their objectives look to change the manner they work from time to time so that the objectives can be achieved in a better way (McNamara, 2008).

Businesses look towards changing in various direction like process, employees, technology or any factor that has a bearing on the performance of the organization. This helps organizations to improve their efficiency and ensure that the work is accomplished in the best possible manner. Virgin Blue which is looking towards changes need to understand the mechanism through which the changes will be implemented so that the organization is able to ensure better productivity and growth for the business both in terms of profitability and market share. Using Change SpecialistOrganizations look forward to small and major changes which requires that the business develops strategies and mechanism which will ensure it.

Virgin Blue while looking to change need to understand the magnitude of change that the business will undergo and based on it look to change its strategies so that the business benefits over a long period of time.

Virgin Blue looking towards a minor change can ensure it easily by making certain minute changes. Larger changes like the development of airport lounges and targeting different section of the consumers requires structural changes where Virgin Blue can look towards the services of specialist to that the changes made ensures growth for the business. This might make it important that Virgin Blue has to look towards external sources and hire different people having the required skills so that the changes the business is looking forward can be done in an effective manner. Virgin Blue can benefit immensely by using a change specialist in this situation as the experience and knowledge of the person will help Virgin Blue to be able to deal with the contingencies in a better way.

Virgin Blue while looking to hire a specialist need to consider both the benefits and demerits associated with the same so that they are able to make the change process pass easily.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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