Essays on Managing Organisational Change Assignment

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Strebel, P 2008, Why Do Employees Resist Change? , Harvard Business Review, vol. 74, pp. 86 - 92.15IntroductionManagement of Organization Change entails planning, implementation and involvement with consultation of the employees affected by changes. (Wellington 2006, p. 23) states that an organizational change occurs when there is a perceived need to transit from a current state to a desired future state. In order to remain competitive in today’s business environment there’s a great need for the organization to undergo constant change. Virgin’s Blue Company wants a change. They want to accommodate the business class travels because the leisure travels can no longer sustain this business.

To measure the success they have set market targets. Scheineder (2006) states that the responsibility of managing change lies largely on the management of the organization rather than the employees. Patrick & Linda (2003) states that change can never be imposed on people hence people should be involved in the change in an organization. The three basic stages on how Virgin Blues Company will manage changes are; The company has realized the fact that the current strategy is not fit for company’s situation since it is not able to sustain the business. Outlining the vision which is to do business with corporate travelers for the success of the company. Implementation change by building extra lounges, there are new products, new partnerships being formed with other companies, new uniform for workers, replacement of aircrafts and also they have announced travelling of new routes.

Reasons for changes in an organizationThese are the driving forces that may either be internal factors to include organizations management policies and styles, systems and procedures.

External procedures may include technological, political, social or economical stimuli (Alan, 2005). Virgin Blue Company needs to change her organization and give it a new look to be able to attract more customers especially the corporate travelers. The following are possible reasons for change. 1. Market behavior There is increased competition in the market due to emergence of new innovations; taste of customers has been changing now and again. In her organization, Virgin Blue Company hopes that more changes to include new market campaign in order to attract more customers, there will also be introduction n of new product and also a new program. 2.

Social changes Within the Virgin Blue Company, there has risen a need to accommodate a new business class of people “superior economy class”. The Organization has to change and undergo several transformation to include new lounges, new routes for airbus between Sydney and Perth and new uniforms for the staff will give the organization a new look in order to attract and retain the customers if it wants is to sustain itself in the competitive market. 3. The end of a product life cycleAs a product reaches its maximum growth rate, the profits starts to decline.

The reason behind a product reaching its maximum growth is because there’s a new product in the market hence customers opt for it or customers change their behavior in the way they purchase products and services (Alan, 2005). Virgin Blue Company in the recent past, there has been weak consumer sentiment and uncertainty. The organization feels the need to change and reposition itself in order to attract more customers and especially the corporate flyers.

Leisure travelers are no longer sustaining the organization any further due to the unpredictable economy hence the need to look for another source which is the corporate travels that is not affected by unpredictable economy.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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