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The paper “ Changes Virgin Blue Is Making” is a meaningful example of the case study on management. This report sets out to identify the nature of change as well as the need for change airline firm Virgin Blue. The report also offers a list of change strategies that Virgin Blue would consider when making the changes. The report will also discuss the challenges that are likely to face the manager at Virgin Blue when they are initiating the change, and lastly, the report will offer a list of strategies on how the managers at Virgin Blue can effectively manage the change process in the organization. Why Virgin Blue is changingChange is said to be inevitable and proper change is termed as a major contributing factor to the success of most enterprises.

Changes mainly occur at various different times affecting a large group of people, yet a few individuals are not able to cope with the change (Deci & Ryan 1985, pp. 56). Virgin Blue wants to implement and undertake various changes within their organizations. One of the major reasons why Virgin Blue is changing is due to the increasing market pressures.

Companies with high market presence tend to gain more in terms of profit as compared to other companies with high market presence. Thus Virgin Blue wants to have a high market presence. The company mainly specializes in offering economy flight services to its customers. Based on the current condition individuals tend to lower costs related to leisure activities since some lose their jobs and due to the slow economic growth rate. Most individuals when faced with financial difficulties tend to cut down costs related to luxuries.

For Virgin Blue, they are mainly changing so as to reduce their overdependence on economic leisure travelers as the main source of their incomes. Thus the company is changing so as to double their Business class market share in the future to ensure that they gain more long-term profitability. Another reason why Virgin Blue is changing is so as to improve the customer’ s service for the business class. A great number of business-class travelers are delighted in travelling with airlines that provide stylish services to their services.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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