Essays on Managing Organisational Change - Why Virgin blue Is Changing Case Study

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The paper "Managing Organisational Change - Why Virgin blue Is Changing" is an inspiring example of a case study on management. Virgin Blue is the second largest form of the airline in Australia. It condones ten percent of its business market and is in a bid to double it over a stipulated period (Forsyth 2009). This is to reduce its total dependency on leisure travelers. It is undergoing a series of changes to attract more travelers than its competitors are. One of its visible changes is the designation of new uniforms for the employees.

Initially, the airline used to be called the Virgin blue but has since changed its name with its changing trend. The airline has in the last few economic, years undergone numerous losses because of a decline in the number of customers choosing to travel with, therefore, this management has chosen to change its working system to deal with this problem. Body Virgin is ultimately changing in a series of time due to the pressure in the market sector. Initially, Virgin relied on customers traveling for leisure. However, these customers are decreasing gradually due to struggles in the economy.

Due to the hardships in the economy caused by factors such as joblessness, most tend to cut off that leisure bit and concentrate on saving that money for more basic activities. The management had a forecasted a decline in profit as they had started sensing danger from the start. Another reason for this change is the increased completion from other airlines in the region. This is because this airline had been targeting customers who were traveling for leisure. Initially, this airline was not well organized and equipped to cater to other clusters of travelers including the most common business corporate individuals (Coram, and Burnes 2001, p.

96). These travelers thus opted to travel with the largest airline in the region because as we know, it is the second-largest airline in Australia. Therefore, its competitor snatched numerous customers from it thus explaining the accrued losses. The changes that the virgin has put in place include the implementation of a brand new business class to cater to business corporate. This added to its competitive pricing as compared to other business enterprises will enable it to attract more and more business individuals.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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