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The paper 'The Managerialistic Ideology of Organisational Change Management' is a good example of a Management Essay. Organizational change is one of the major issues that organizational management has to deal with from time to time. Generally, organizational change is inevitable. The effective organizational change enables an organization to align its processes with the changes in the market (Diefenbach 2007, p. 127). Organizational change may be as a result of external or internal factors (Keller & Aiken 2003, p. 2). One of the external factors which cause of organizational change is geopolitical pressures.

Geopolitical pressures are a part of global crises that have a great impact on an organization and consequently necessitate an organization to undergo change (Palmer & Akin, 2009, p. 23). On the other hand, growth pressures, which are a part of internal pressures is also a cause of organizational change. The following paper will discuss geopolitical pressures with respect to 3M and growth pressures with respect to Microsoft and organizational changes in the two organizations. Hyper competition pressures and Gateway Hyper competition is a state of the market which is associated with intense competition amongst the rivals in the market.

In a market that is associated with hyper-competition, the players in the industry use all the resources available to them to edge out each other out of the market. In such a market, organizations come up with the most appropriate strategies to increase their competitiveness (Ilinitch, D’ Aveni & Lewin 1996, p. 211). Owing to the intensity of the competition, the establishment of competitive strategies is a continuous affair since each of the players makes moves to respond to changes in the competition in the market.

For this reason, it can be acknowledged that hyper-competition alters the way in which an organization responds to its customers and their competitors so as to cater to the changing pace of business. This necessitates for an organization to undergo organizational change. Some two decades back, Gateway Inc was one of the reputable computer and electronics manufacturers in the world. However, the company has been undergoing a change from time to time so as to cope with the hyper-competition in the market. Its business ideals have a close relationship with Dell Corporation; hence the comparison between the two companies in the analysis of hyper-competition.

The best analysis of Gateway Inc. is to tract its organization changes over its lifecycle since its establishment in 1985. Gateway Inc was established in 1985 as Gateway 2000 ventured in the computer manufacturing and sale industry. The company followed the business model of Dell Computers, a company that had been established a year earlier. Both companies approached the market from a direct sales perspective where they made on order computers. Their target customers were people who had knowledge about computers.

As a direct sales company, the company changed its use of technology from mail order, telephone, and lastly to the use of the internet. From the medium used for sale, it can be acknowledged that technology plays a major role in hyper-competition. The integration of technology in business is one of the sources of competitiveness for an organization (Ilinitch, D’ Aveni & Lewin 1996, p. 211). This explains the reason as to why changes in technology are associated with many organizations doing business in a market associated with hyper-competition.

The gradual change in the use of various communication media in both Dell and Gateway is an illustration of the importance of technology changes in a hyper-competitive market.


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