Essays on Managing Organisational Change in Nestle Case Study

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The paper "Managing Organisational Change in Nestle" is a great example of management coursework.   Nestle is one of the international companies that has undergone organizational change transforming from a traditional organization. Most of the changes that have been affected by the management had an impact on both the public and the employees. Nestle realized that ensure that the employees are well informed, there is a need to sustain them so as they can acquire more knowledge about their products. The pyramid model seemed to have numerous limitations that had to be nailed out (Bar-Gal, 1993).

The limitations that had to be changed were such as the career path that never promoted productivity. The development in an organization and more especially its change always has a big impact on organizational success. The development of an organization has a wider intervention on how people relate to one another. This will include the communication that takes place in the company both formal and informal. It is vital to recognize change as a process and not as an event. This is because; change must go through various channels for it to be accepted in an organization.

In most cases, employees are already used to the initial process and most of them always tend to resist the new system. The management needs to be patient and take all the employees through this process at his or her own pace. This will make them accept the new system and try to use it. In today’ s market, most organizations are experiencing rapid change compared to previous times. Impacts of change in an organization Nestle projects of price winning have allowed the small-scale farmers to cope with the continuous climate change.

Climate has become so unpredictable and this always leads to much harm that is never expected. In today’ s climate, there may be prolonged dry spell or unpredicted rains thus leading to massive destructions. Nestle has come up with Farm Business Advisors to help farmers reduce the risks and increase on their productivity. This program also allows a farmer to learn new technologies and put them into practice (Glinow, & Mcshane, 2003). This program has enabled most farmers to be in a position to manage the climate change thus securing their produce.

The farmers have also managed to learn how they can plant when there is little rain and sell their produce when the prices are still high using the new equipment. The company also aims at replacing their packages with much friendly package. Their plastic packages will be replaced with a paperboard package. This will make them have a competitive advantage over the other competitors in the market who have not yet gone ‘ green’ . This has made the company to stand out over all their rivals and attain a competitive edge in the entire industry.

Due to the increased demand in the market for the palm oil products, Nestle has decided to venture in this field so as to satisfy their customer's needs. Nestle has changed its policy towards the palm oil and they are providing the required product to the customers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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